Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Betta @ One Month Old

Hi there! My name is Benji and I am trapped in a glass cage. Please send for help so my brothers and sisters and I can escape, ok? Ok!
Juuuust kidding! The babies are healthy, active, and have absolutely no desire to leave their home. Where else can they get all the brine shrimp they can eat?? They are now entering their second month of life and almost all appear to be going strong. Some refuse to grow, while others, like Benji, are growing longer fins and even getting some coloring (notice of the tinge of red).
As of yet there is very little nipping and they appear to live in peace and relative tranquility. This will soon be changing; those outside the glass cage will be keeping a sharp lookout for naughty behavior. Sooner or later, it’ll be panda street fighting. Errr….I mean, betta street fighting. Vanessa showed me a video about pandas, maybe she’ll post the link. In any case, mayhem will break out and I will have to assign the aggressors to solitary confinement. I plan on building another set of barracks (shelves with rows of individual betta containers) to house them. Yes, another set, I already have one that holds approximately 30 bettas but I will need much more housing than that!
The days tend to remain fairly routine and lazy for the fry. Some like to exercise from time to time by zipping back and forth (they are fast!) but mainly they just look forward to their next meal. Water changes tend to make them a little angry because of the swirling water but they soon become happy because, well, fresh water makes fish happy! And happy fish make everyone happy! OK, just the cool people happy. Ok, just me :)
Although I cannot promise when the next update will be, I feel confident that we will be hearing from Benji again. That troublemaking fish . . .

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  1. This reads like the ravings of a thesis-maddened man. Oh wait! :D

    Here's the panda reference:

    Benji's a cutie for sure!


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