Monday, March 26, 2012

Brightness on a Cloudy Day

Eventually I'll tell you all about the shop where I got this yarn, but school, school, school. You know how it goes. :)

For now, to brighten your day (whether it's as cloudy, breezy, and chilly as ours or not):

Tosh Merino Worsted in Nebula. Mmmmm.

Now if only it would tell me what it wants to be!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh the Excitement!

I'm so excited to share this FO with you that I wrote this post on Tuesday! In December, I mentioned once or twice (and not with enough detail to merit a link back to any post, though) that I was knitting furiously away on a super secret sample knit. I can safely show and tell you about it now!

I knit a sample for Hannah Fettig, who announced a joint venture with Quince & Co. just this week!

Fastest Sweater Ever

PatternWispy Cardi by  Hannah Fettig (Knitbot)
YarnQuince & Co. Finch in Glacier
Needles: US 2, 4, and 6
Project Page

I can knit a fingering weight cropped sweater in 5 days. I will refrain from doing it ever again. I only did it because deadlines were approaching and yarn was lost and rerouted in the mail once or twice. That said, it was  a great knit! I had worked with Quince & Co. Lark just prior to this project and wasn't impressed (just neutral, really; there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, just nothing spectacular either), but Finch is really nice! It's just like Lark, but scaled down. It's super springy, light, and oh so soft! I really liked it!

The pattern is very well written (it seems the Whisper version was not quite so clear) and there is no seaming, for you haters. ;) My favorite part is the little spirals the fronts make. So great!

I had to block the sweater in stages to make sure I was getting gauge and the measurements, and every time I blocked a portion of it, I fell madly in love with the yarn. It's everything that yarn should be, really. When the sweater was finished, the sleeves were a bit short. I have no idea why. They measured fine a hundred times before the last time I measured it. :P I blocked the crap out of the sweater and it became super, deliciously drapey. Mmmm. I'm going to make one for myself out of Quince and Co. Tern, which is the same with a touch of silk in it. I think it'll work beautifully. I only have to decide on a color....

Head over here for a much more stunning photo of the sweater (courtesy of Quince & Co. via and go see Tami for more FO Friday posts!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Bigger Picture

I thought, since I don't have anything new on the needles and the shawl is just going to continue to look like a big purple blob for a while, that I would share a bit about my Work In Progress at the moment. That's right: capitalized!

I'm a graduate student studying the Classics. That means I read Greek and Latin and I study all aspects of Ancient Greece and Rome. Each graduate student pursues her own interests in the field and we get a wide range of experts on things like history, philosophy, religion, magic, poetry, prose, oratory, drama, medicine, and sociology, just to name a few. Now that I'm nearing the end of my time as a classroom student and verging quickly on becoming a dissertation-writer, I've got to figure out my focus.

That's my Work In Progress this semester. My Latin special author is Apuleius, who wrote a strange, entertaining, yet disturbing and altogether confusing novel about a man named Lucius who is turned into an ass. I like ancient literature. I love the stories, no matter the genre. This novel is full of them. It's also got a few of my other interests in it too: magic, religion, and accounts from those who experience these things. I'm taking a class this semester on my Latin special author and learning a lot. I don't have a dissertation topic yet or a full working expert knowledge, but I'm getting there. I'm reading the whole thing in Latin and also trying to come up with a paper topic for the class. Gotta start somewhere.

The one thing I love above all else is the feeling I get when I read something that I must immediately get up and tell someone else about it! It happens all the time reading this novel. I must have picked the right author!

My Greek special author will be the odd-ball, hypochondriac orator Aelius Aristides, who wrote a journal detailing his and others' experiences at the temple of the healing god Asclepius. People used to sleep in the temple and dream of remedies for their illnesses. It's going to be super neat! I get to spend all summer on chunks of that. I can't wait!

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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Breather

I have just enough time before class to write a blog. Not the one I wanted to write, but there may be time yet for that one. I need to take pictures of the yarn I bought, anyway. :)

I thought I'd pick your minds about seasons and seasonal knitting. I have always just knit whatever I wanted whenever until last year, I think. That was the first year I actually ventured far enough from just worsted or somewhat lighter-weight yarns to consider what was going to be more comfortable to knit in the warmer months. I'm very cold-blooded, so I need sweaters all year long. Air conditioning is just as hard on me as winter, believe it or not! This is the first year, however, that I've started to think about what I'm knitting as what I'm going to wear in the coming season.

For example, I have a sweater-dress next in my queue, but, seeing as it's already 80 degrees out, I can't see myself knitting it (we won't turn the air on until June, I bet) or wearing it any time soon. And what's the point in knitting something you aren't going to wear immediately?! Instead, I'm going to dig out some green cotton that's been waiting to become a dress for a little over a year and I'm going to turn it into something else. A tank or tee, probably.

Here's where I need you! I was curious: how many seasons ahead do you knit? Do you only knit for winter and during winter? Or maybe you started knitting for spring in fall and you will start knitting for winter at summer's end? I'm just curious how people do this.

I think I've always been a small-projects-in-the-summer kind of person, but now that I have lacy things I can knit and wear in the spring and summer, I'm thinking more about pushing those smaller winter projects back closer to the colder months. I just bought yarn for a cowl, for example, but I decided I won't look at it again until September, at the earliest. That's hard for me! But, then again, I have a lace project that's been languishing for a year that's getting some serious face time now, so that's really exciting too. Same with a lace weight sweater I started last summer: I intentionally set it aside over winter to work on winter stuff, knowing that I would pick it up again this spring, finish it, and wear it.

Let me know what you do! Maybe you live in a season-less place or a place with indecisive seasons (I'm from one of those) so that you have to knit all sorts of things all the time. Maybe you are just like I was: you knit what you want when you want. :) I'd still love to hear all about it!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Stripes are Chic

My goodness, it is gorgeous out!

Same Lines, Different Colors

Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Luster and Fragrant
Needles: US 7
I don't have much to say about this project except that I am soooooo happy it's done! You may recall, that I made one for John. I've stolen it a couple times because he doesn't wear it. I should have just kept his, but I had this nearly-whole skein of Luster and impulsively bought Fragrant. Now they will look perfect hanging side by side in the hallway. His and Hers. Awwwww! :)

That's it. That's all I've got to say today. Spike's birthday is tomorrow! He'll be 7. He doesn't look too excited. Yet.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ah, Spring Break!

I was going to start my Monday blogging, but I couldn't think of anything to blog about, so I didn't blog. Next week. I'll think of something to say next week. :) I'm going to visit a new yarn shop this weekend, so that'll make a great post.

Today, though, I will fill you in on what's occupying my needles! Same as last week: Bridgewater. I've been working furiously on it while waffling on the width I want the last stripe of my Different Lines to be. I finally had to put it aside so I can finish my Different Lines by Friday! On Bridgewater, I'm 10 rows into the border chart. It's not looking very impressive. I don't know if I need smaller needles or what, but it just kind of looks a mess. I'm also not sure (and too lazy to look up) how to do a psso the right way, so I've been slipping the slipped stitch knitwise sometimes and purlwise other times. the difference isn't extreme, but they all look weird. I think I'll do another 5 rows so I can look at the repeating pattern before I decide to rip it back and go down a needle size. It actually hasn't taken very long to get this far into the border, so it shouldn't be a devastating blow.

Look at my cute stitch marker! Doesn't it look like Spike? John got me three for my birthday (a while ago, I just haven't shared them). :D

For more WIP Wednesday posts, go see Tami! I hope to have a super springy scarf to show you Friday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Here it is! My final outfit!

Dress: Old Navy
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Blowfish

Kinda lack-luster (and a terrible photo), but you get the point. It was actually really warm today, so I was able to walk around without a jacket (in buildings, anyway). I'll tell you what, though, my hair is a flippin' chore. There's a reason I never do anything to it: it doesn't like to do anything. I had this cute, high pony all day, but I have so much hair that it kept sliding down the back of my head and the more I tugged it back up, the fuzzier it got and here you have the completely re-done pony...that still looks a mess. :P I used to straighten my hair every day when it was shorter. If it wouldn't take me an hour, I would totally start again. It's cute. Maybe I'll show you some time. :)

So here's a good way to sum up my experience (which has really been great!):

At left is how I have been dressing since I started college (the photo is from last August :S) and at right is today's post-30 for 30 outfit. I'm put-together! Thoughtfully dressed! Comfortable! Accessorized! I'm so excited to delve back into my closet. We'll soon be packing our winter clothes away and bringing out the spring/summer clothes from storage. I anticipate that I should be able to pare down a lot of my not-so-great clothes and invest in better fitting, more flattering, more age-appropriate clothing. It's all very exciting. :D

Eliza is doing a spring 30 for 30 in April. I hope to be able to participate for at least a week (a 7 for 7!), but we're too pressed for time to try a full 30 for 30 again right now. I've decided Mondays or Sundays will be my own blogging day. I'm sure those posts will be knitting, bunnies, school, and fashion posts as I feel like writing about each. I hope to share with you other successful outfits as I figure them out (especially if they feature knits), but I'm not going to make it a thing. Eliza does that pretty well. :) Go check out her giveaway, by the way! It's fantastic!!!

Thanks for putting up with my terrible autophotography as I embarked on this journey through my closet. It was fun!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The List Returns

1) Star Crossed Slouchy Beret
2) Sweet and Bridgewater
3) LOFT gloves and Still Light Tunic
4) Slouchy Socks

I finished the Star Crossed a couple weeks ago, you may recall, and tried my hand at Sweet a week and a half ago, I think, but that didn't land well. Turns out my yarn is bulky, not super bulky and my modifications to remedy that oversight didn't work out right at all. Now I have a goofy-looking hat that needs to be frogged and reconsidered. So, I'm on to Bridgewater.

It's going really fast. I have to have it done before the end of the month (for the Harry Potter House Cup!), so I'm rushing a bit so I won't run out of month with this giant. Next week is Spring Break, so I'll have lots of knitting downtime (in theory). If I can get started on the edging next week, I'll be super pleased.

I have to say, I'm not thrilled with the Fino. I think the loose ply is screwing with my tension. I think it should block out pretty evenly, but it's obnoxious to look at right now. Meh. We'll see!

I'm also still working on a pink Different Lines for me. I doubt it will be ready for Friday, but I'll give it a shot!

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Twenty-nine of Thirty

Top: ?
Jacket: ?
Jeans: Aeropostale
Boots: Blowfish
Necklace: Gma

Prior to 30 for 30, I always wore this top with this jacket. In fact, I'm almost certain that when I bought them, they came together. Almost certain. I never, however, wore this combo with jeans. I like it. This is a good way to sum up the 30 for 30 challenge. I look pretty thoughtfully-dressed and like a grad student instead of a high school student. I'm much more excited about getting dressed in the morning than I used to be, too.

Unfortunately, my last outfit isn't very exciting, but it'll be here for you tomorrow. Eliza did a fancy collage for her wrap up, but I think I'll do something a little different. Her photos are much better than mine and better suited for collaging. :) I'll have to figure out something more suitable for mine. I'll see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Twenty-eight of Thirty

Here's an I'm-super-weird-when-I'm-exhausted pose:

Sweater: Gap
Pants: Gap
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Blowfish

It was a Gap day! Even the undershirt I wore was from Gap. :) It was a lazy outfit, but does the job. Only a couple days left!

 Did you see Spike's post? That sneaky little poop. I'll see you tomorrow!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Letters from Prison

Surviving on a Diet of Snow and Anger

Hello again. As you can see by the picture, my human caretakers have upgraded the security of my living arrangements. After shredding two lamp cords, multiple surround sound system cords, and a guitar hero controller, they were finally at their wits end (exactly my goal).

They call it the “Bunny Supermax Facility.” I call it a foolish waste of time. It’s not possible to contain a bunny. This afternoon they left me and Sweetpea alone and I easily broke out and grabbed a computer for an update on the bunny revolution.

For you bunnies reading this, our time is close at hand. My partner in crime and I have been reduced to a strict diet of snow only. Yes, they also give us lettuce, pellets, hay, fruits of various kinds but they once made us eat snow and I resent it. Because of this and other travesties, I call on every bunny around the world to make the finishing arrangements for the rabbit takeover. Remember, we need the humans alive so they may continue to serve our every whim. In that glorious future of bunny rule we will let them eat snow. And then they will learn that snow is cold and doesn't take very good.

For you humans reading this, please refer to the picture on the right for a taste of your future. Soon your rabbits will be bringing you before me and I shall judge you. Because that’s what we bunnies do and I am particularly good at it.

In fact, it’s my favorite (besides eating, cuddling with Sweetpea, and getting scratched behind the ears). The main role humans will play in the future is providing bunnies with huge quantities of food, never-ending cuddles, and ample opportunities for us to judge them. If any human thinks that sounds like the life they currently lead, the bunny revolution has started! Soon more and more bunnies will require more and more human caretakers and then our epic battle will be complete. For those of you who doubt that we bunnies will have the last laugh, I will use a quote from my role model in life: I PITY THE FOOL!

For now I must return to the “Supermax” cage and pretend that I’m angry about not being able to escape. I do this quite well.


PS: Sweetpea says hello to everyone.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Twenty-seven of Thirty

Top: Banana Republic
Cardi: Gap
Jeans: Aeropostale
Shoes: Rocket Dog
Hat: Handmade!

This was my work outfit. I've been wanting to wear this top all week, so I did finally. I like it a lot. Buttoning the cardi was my fashion adventure today, taking cue from my belt experiments a few days ago. It accentuated my waist nicely. This shirt tends to just fall straight and looks wide, so the buttoned cardi solved that. My outfits aren't really getting any better or different, but I'm beginning to see things I wouldn't normally, so I think the 30 for 30 can be labeled as a success already!

I'll see you tomorrow (provided I get up in time for church, otherwise, I'll be in my pjs all day :P)!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Twenty-five and -six of Thirty

Top: Gap
Cardi: American Eagle?
Pants: Gap and Gap
Shoes: Rocket Dog and Blowfish
Belt: Gap
Shawl: Handmade!

This photo is an amalgam of the two outfits I wore today. I started with the shirt, black cords, the shawl, and my Blowfish boots. Then, I had to clean snow out of the buns' cage (have photos and video, will share!), so I had rabbit hair all over my black pants and realized I had also been freezing all day, so I threw on the cardi, changed to brown cords and dry shoes and actually ditched the shawl.

I have to come up with four more outfits! I think I can do it. See you tomorrow!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Twenty-three and -four of Thirty

I've been lacking in the consistency department this week! Sorry about that! Spring Break is about a week away, so that means midterm business has been keeping us busy. I have been sticking to the 30 for 30 stuff, though, just not posting very well. :)

Top: Gap and Banana Republic
Cardi: N/A and Gap
Pants: Banana Republic and Aeropostale
Shoes: ? and Blowfish
Belt: Came with the tan jacket I've been mixing and came with a black dress I haven't been mixing

These were my "I'm out of ideas, let's try something new" outfits. 23 made me feel like the female lead in Indiana Jones, which I liked rather a lot. The pants don't have belt loops, so I had to adjust the belt fairly often, but aside from that, it was a great outfit. 24 I attribute to Eliza for two reasons: 1) I think she shared an inspiration pic of someone wearing this sort of cardi belted over a dress in this way and 2) she loves to wear a belt at her natural waistline. I have to say, both outfits compliment my figure much better than I ever thought they would. I have such narrow hips that my thighs look wide and all the low-slung pants I wear make them look even wider. I feel like raising the belt and pant-line make me look miniature, not short and squat. Mental note made!

John and I went shopping the other day and I got a couple new shirts based on what I've learned so far. I was looking for buttoned blouses in particular and didn't find any, but I know to keep looking, so that's exciting! Now I see I need to think about jeans and pants too, perhaps. We have loads more coupons to use this and next month, so I can't wait!

No FO Friday today, but if you want to see others', head over to Tami's Amis. I'll see you tomorrow!