Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Works and Progress

I feel super icky today, but I figured if I can pack, I can blog about my knitting. :) As I was packing my knitting stuff (the stuff I don't need or want to see for a long time), I discovered all my works in progress piled together at one end of the couch. I packed a few that will never be finished or can only be finished when I have a quiet, organized place and lots of patience to finish them. I left a couple lying around so that I can finish them quickly, as I should have whenever I relegated them to the pile in the first place!  Here's what I've got warmed up on the needles:

This is a design experiment. I'm making a summery top with one under-arm seam. I love the colors and the stripes and the drape and the softness of the yarn....It's going to be great! I just hope it turns out right!

Here is sleeve one of two for a fall sweater. The yarn traveled to Seattle with us, but wasn't cast on until we got back. I really like the way it's shaping up and the pattern is great. The yarn is wonderful (even if it sheds as much as the bunnies), but it's starting to look like summer in Iowa finally and it's just too hot right now! I'll get back to it soon.

Finally, this is from the pile. I think I started this super cute top last spring, finished knitting it (except the sleeves), but never stitched it up to completion. I have no explanation for this. I'm kind of ashamed, really. As you can see, I'm working on the pleats now. It may be my finished object for Friday!

And because I don't take and share pictures of my bunnies enough, here's a glimpse of a typical summer day for my babies. They make me want to be lazy with them all day. :)

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  1. Good luck in completing your WIPs! I often lose enthusiasm for a project just as I'm nearly finished, so annoying. And cute bunnies!

  2. Got lots of bunnies in my back yard, want some for company for yours? Love to get rid of them.

    The pleats look great, hope to see it in it's final stages.


  3. I love all of your WIPs and you shouldn't be ashamed. We all have project that have sat nearly complete! Just think of how great it will feel to cast off.

    Love love love the bunnies.

  4. Like you super cute top, looks like its going to be nice, can't wait to see it

  5. I hate packing. Packing is a miserable job ...

  6. The works in progress you shared all look great!! I really like the stripey top.

    And also, I LOVE the bunnies. That gave me a much-needed warm/fuzzy. :D

  7. Hope you get the WIPs finished and the bunnies ate cute.


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