Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Bunnies

We got them moved in Wednesday. They have been semi-confused for at least part of every day since, until today. John has taken to letting them out to run around and is slowly realizing that every time they get out, they get harder and harder to wrangle back into the cage. Curiously, my little Sweetpea (who has always been the easiest to wrangle) is causing us the most trouble with her walkabouts. She's just so hard to catch! Usually, if we follow her around, she'll get spooked and run back home, but for whatever reason, she's not doing that lately. Silly bun.

I have learned much about my bunnies during these explorations/escapes (sometimes they are permitted, sometimes Sweetpea just breaks for it). I have learned that Spike has a moral conscious. He knows he is not allowed to leave the cage unless I permit it, so he won't, even if Sweetpea has managed to run off. He is never happy that he can't leave, so he will push at the door, but he won't leave, even if a sufficient-sized gap should present itself. Sweetpea, on the other hand, I have always had a hard time figuring out. I like to say she has no moral conscious because she does just take off time and again, no matter how many times we protest and chase her. I really believe, however, that she is an evil genius. She spends her day staring off into space, looking and acting rather ditsy, but she can escape from ANYTHING like nobody's business! I think she just knows that the stupider she looks and acts, the more we will discount her, and the more trouble she can get into! She's so good at it, though, (if that is the case) that I still wonder if she just isn't a little brain damaged from the dog bite.

Here's an article about my little Margaret Nibblet Sweetpea, whose birthday was yesterday. She's three! We have to get her some treats while we're out and about.

While we're on the topic of bunnies, I discovered an adoptable bun at Petco Wednesday. John and I are going to make the mistake of going back today so he can see him (and get fish stuff). He wants a bunny helper in the fish room. :) We are animal hoarders, so don't be surprised if we announce the addition of Zipper to the family soon. Just don't tell my Gma!

I hope you're all doing well! I'll get some knitting and fish posts in order this week, I promise. ;)

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