Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Chuggin' Along

Over the weekend, I declared this week Work-in-Progress Demolition Week. If you noted my works-in-progress progress bars to the right over there, you may notice that one's gone. I was really hoping I'd have two or three done by today, but I had some paper trouble. :( Now the paper's going much, much better, but the knitting is on hiatus. I still think I can get four or five things done by this weekend, though, so come back Friday to check it out.

I only took pictures of my aunt's Peabody, which could have been done today with a bit more attention. I have to turn it in for partial points at the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup. There's no chance I'll get a sleeve and all the finishing done tonight. If only I had started it a tad sooner....This time in the semester is just ridiculously busy. Everyone wants something all at the very same time. I always make it through, though. Next week should be nice and relaxing. :)

I hope it is for you too! Head over to Tami's blog for more WIP Wednesday posts!


  1. I just saw how many WIPs you have on the go and felt almost thankful on your behalf that the percentages were so high on them! Best wishes getting through them all and look forward to casting on something new as a treat afterwards.

  2. aw, sad about the stalled progress. but, on the other hand, school is way more important. so. do what you need to do! you can always finish those knits next week!

  3. You are so close to finishing so many great items. Keep pushing and you'll get there!

  4. That is a rather significantly sized list, good luck busting it down to size! I love finishing lots of things at once and feeling super accomplished.


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