Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Bit of Procrastination and Some Dreams

I've been following Kate Davies for most of this year. Her knitting is stupendous and her style is impeccable! To be honest, I hadn't noticed how great her style was (it's so wonderfully understated!) until she released photos of her pattern Peerie Flooers. Look at the jacket she's wearing in these photos. I love it! Must have one!

Last week, she posted a note about her style and introduced us to her secret: Cabbages and Roses. Now that I have visited the site a few times and realize my styling woes have been answered across the sea, I long desperately for a perfectly-floofy, past-knee-length skirt and a dramatic, flowing coat...(did you see her coat?!). It's dreadfully expensive, though, and doesn't look like it ships to the U.S. so I'll save my money for a sale item on some far distant future trip to Great Britain (or eBay). But, the mere fact that the silhouettes and fabrics I long for in U.S. stores actually do exist in the world makes me a bit more optimistic about my ability to dress myself appropriately some day.

There, I've postponed paper number 2 long enough. Share with me your favorite clothing stores! I'm in a fashion (and procrastinating) mood!

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