Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cheer

Okay, so "loads" may have been an exaggeration, but I do have lots to share. I just might not have many pictures of all of them....Or very good ones.

Rocky Coast Cardigan

Pattern: Rocky Coast Cardigan by Hannah Fettig
Yarn: Quince and Co. Lark in Egret
Needles: US 10
Project Page

I made this for my aunt. She'll get it on Christmas, I suppose. I kind of guessed at her size, but since the ease is so generous in this pattern, I'm certain it'll be fine. Many have complained about the fit: the arms are too tight, the shoulders slip, it's not a very flattering shape. I'm really hoping my aunt will like it. I know the arms are tight, so I may need to block them again when I get back, but they will block out to the right size. I steam-blocked the whole sweater before heading west and the sucker bloomed absolutely beautifully! It looks just like the photos in the book! I thought I might like one myself, but after trying my aunt's on, I'm not sure it suits me very well. Hers is a bit bigger than mine would be, though, and I'd like to do it in the Organik called for, so we'll see.

I do highly recommend the pattern, it was fun to knit. You might want to add six stitches to the sleeves when you pick them back up, decrease the sleeves less, if at all (I didn't at all), and take into account the growth the stitch pattern will give you when blocked. I hope I can get some better photos at some point. :/

"I'd Wear It"

Pattern: Ribbed Watchman's Hat by Channah Koppel
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers in Mallard
Needles: US 8
Project Page

This was a last-minute gift for my Gramps out of leftover yarn from my other aunt's Peabody. I asked him if he needed a new hat and he told me if I made one, he'd wear it. So I did. He has a big head (it runs in the family), so I knew I'd have to do ribbing. The pattern is 2x2, but I like the way 1x1 looks better. I only had to do the first row of decreases differently, I think. It's a pretty great hat and it fits his big head. :)

I've finished one and a half Smooth Edges, so I'll show them to you next week. Hopefully I'll be able to find a place around this dark house for some decent pictures. I'm also truckin' along on my sample knit, so it and a couple other Christmas stragglers may also be in next Friday's post. I'm not sure how much I can tell you or show you about the sample knit, so I won't until I know. :D It's really pretty, though.

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