Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Today is our blog's first anniversary! A year ago, in a desperate move to find some new way to procrastinate from studying for my 2nd Year Exams, I created a blog that I thought would equally showcase John's fish hobby and my knitting hobby. We didn't think anyone would read it, but we didn't care. Here we are, 19 followers, 900 fish, and not quite that many knitted objects later! :D

I'm hoping this year, we'll get the fish mixed back in, Spike becomes a regular, I can find a day just to blog regularly (not associated with WIP Wednesdays or FO Fridays, though I'll definitely keep up with that), and that maybe I can realize my dream to dye limited quantities of fish-inspired yarn at least once. Just think of how cool orange, white, and black yarn that looks like koi angels would look! Or yarn with that hint of blue mixed into a silvery grey...like our Phillipine Blues! It was a cooler idea when the bettas were still a go, but, I'm telling you, angelfish are diverse in their colors too!

Now for the important part: THANK YOU!!! Thanks for reading and following and commenting and all that you do! It has really been a blast being able to share my knits with a wider audience than my local knitters and getting to know fellow blogging knitters (and non-knitters too!). I want to give some yarn away in honor of the blogiversary, but I haven't yet decided what kind! So, stay tuned and I'll find something in the next week or so to give away as a thanks to you all.

Thanks again and happy knitting!


  1. Very cool! I love reading your blog!

  2. I can't whether that's bunny love or bunny abuse. Maybe both ;)

  3. Happy blogiversary!

    .. wait, did you just say 900 fish!?

  4. I for one would love to see more fish-related posts (although knitting is always great too). I've really enjoyed following along!


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