Sunday, April 29, 2012


Let's talk about crafting balance. I would say a good majority of all knitters I know can crochet and a minority of crocheters I know know how to knit. I have found that many crocheters I have talked to about knitting just don't have the patience for it and knitters find knitting much more relaxing and intuitive. Weird, isn't it? Not exactly a scientific study as a guesstimate, really. :) How do you fit in to my imaginary findings?

I do both. Well, I know how to do both. I'm definitely a knitter. I only really crochet stuffed toys, edgings, and provisional cast-ons (I'm really good at the crocheted provisional cast-on!). I've seen some stunning Tunisian crocheted shawls that make me wish I were a little better at crocheting, but I haven't run out to get Tunisian hooks or anything.

I'm very happy to just knit. I find that the internet is infinitely resourceful for the few crochet patterns I pick up (I can only remember two or three crochet stitches), but I don't see myself ever becoming an expert crocheter. I'm all about the relaxation of knitting. Crocheting often makes me very tense and forceful. I'll just say I know enough to be enough for me. :)

That's it for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012! Thanks so much for stopping by to read our humble little blog. We hope you stick around, but if not, see you next year!

Special thanks again to Eskimimi, who did a splendid job organizing and executing this event yet again!


  1. That little bird is adorable, I love his little scarf!

  2. My mom said once that crocheting is easier, so if this is true, it could be considered the place to start when learning both skills. Many people might not have the patience for learning further things. But, following this theory through, if a crocheter does have the patience to try their hand at something perceived as difficult (knitting), they might find it to be awesome and relaxing and actually intuitive.


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