Friday, April 27, 2012

Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview from Inside the Iron Cage - Spike

Q: We hear some rumors of a bunny revolution that may or may not be led by you.  Care to comment?
Spike:  Obviously I cannot confirm or deny anything but I think everyone knows I am 100% in favor of rabbit freedom.  In fact, since being imprisoned in this supermax facility it is all I think about, besides food and sleeping and my disdain of humans. 

He only looks innocent
Q: Let’s talk about this disdain.  Why are you such an angry rabbit?
Spike: It’s not that I’m angry, it’s just that humans need to go.  I’m not saying anything different from generations of bunnies, all I’m doing is reflecting the common goal of rabbit-kind going back a long way.  My “anger” is a righteous indignation that a creature as silly as humans are able to rule over….hey what are you doing?

Q: Tickling you! You’re so cute when you’re angry!  Hey everyone, look at the cute bunny!
Spike.  This is exactly my point.  If I could turn into a bunny Hulk right now and destroy you I would.  Unfortunately I can’t. 

Q: OK I’ll stop. Outline an average day in the life of a bunny for us.
Spike: Well, when I wake up I expect food.  When I don’t get it immediately I get grumpy.  Later, I’m grumpy for no reason.  After that, say around 6:00, I turn judgmental and pretty much stay in that mode until I go to sleep.

Q: Why are you such a grumpy bunny?
Spike = Hulk
Spike: I don’t know, maybe it’s because you don’t serve me well enough.

Q: You are fairly hostile to people aren’t you?
Spike: It’s true.

Q: I’m quite glad you’re on the other side of the bars.
Spike: Yes you are.

Q: All right, until next time, let’s call this a night.
Spike: You better hope I don’t get out of this prison because there will be no next time for you.

Q: *tickle tickle* SO CUTE when you’re grumpy!
Spike: *sigh* Just scratch my ears and I won’t bite you…this time.


  1. Aww, gwumpy bunnywabbit! Sorry, Spike, sorry. I can't help it, you look adorable even when grumpy!

    I used to have a rabbit that was a real thumper when she was angry. We bought her at the local petting zoo and I had to take this tiny bunny home in an enormous cardboard box on the back of my bicycle because it was all they had, and she was thumping so much she almost tipped the box off the back of my bike!

  2. That first picture is pretty much the most adorable thing ever!

    1. I won't tell him you said that, but I absolutely agree. ;)

  3. He doesn't fool us! he's way to cute to be super evil. (Or maybe that's all just part of the plan......)


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