Friday, April 20, 2012

I Won't Be Quiet

This is probably the third or fourth week I haven't had anything to share on Friday. It makes me sad. But, instead of just being silent and sad, I thought I would write and tell you I'm sad.

I'm not really that sad. :) I promise. I'm soooooo clooooose to being done with Slow Motion (Breezy) that it will be done for next Friday. I have a band and a half to go and I'm going to work on it furiously tonight (after I've put in some time with my Latin paper).

I do kinda have an FO, though. I'll post a photo when I get home tonight, if I remember. If you've looked at my stash at all, you might notice I'm stashing Brooklyn Tweed LOFT like a crazyperson. I am a crazyperson. I want all the colors of LOFT! But I want all the neutral colors of LOFT first because I am going to start Kate Davies' Rams and Yowes blanket in May. I got the last two colors I needed (Woodsmoke and Soot) in the mail the other day and sat down to match up my LOFT colors with the Jamieson & Smith colors and I think I have them all! I'm going to order Nest to replace one color (Stormcloud is just too dark, I think) and then I'll be ready to go, pretty much! I'm super excited!

Do you have any giant projects you're planning? Does it make you hoard massive quantities of yarn too? Or maybe you just like to hoard massive quantities of yarn? That's fine too. :)

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  1. That Rams and Yowes blanket is really beautiful, I can't wait to see it when you get underway.


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