Monday, June 11, 2012

This is What Happens...

...when you have an overly generous knitting friend who gets all the best bargains in the entire world. Seriously. She bought a full set of Denise interchangables for a quarter once.* In the same shop, she found a giant box full of cones of yarn.

Not just any yarn, though. We're talkin' lace weight cotton, silk, and linen blends! This is classy stuff! All of it for $8! I need to start shopping with her! She forced this bounty on our Friday Night group (we seriously felt pretty bad taking it from her, but she was really persuasive and did keep a bunch of silk for herself). Above is a linen/cotton blend. This here is 100% cotton:

And this is 100% silk, I think. I might dye it.

I'm at a loss as to what to do with half of it. The linen and cotton blend is perfect for a project I've been wanting to do for a couple months. I just have to weigh it and see how much I have. Do you know how much the cardboard cones weigh on their own? That would be helpful to know. Would you like some dyed lace weight silk? I'll absolutely consider giving a skein away or maybe selling a couple. John keeps telling me I should dye some yarn. Or I could have my friend Kate at Fangrrl Fiber Arts help me out. :) She's a great dyer!

Anyway, now I'm thinking aloud and I'll stop. I'll see you Wednesday with some WIPs!

*Okay, maybe not a quarter, but it definitely wasn't more than $10.


  1. If you want to dye it, you'll have to uncone it anyway, so you can probably weigh it then.

    Trust me, you did me a favor by taking that stuff. I really only wanted a couple cones of the silk, so you're helping me unhoard! The Denise were a whopping $1.50! I nearly had palpitations when I found them. Alas, they've been passed on to others who will use them too.

    Besides, awesome stuff found isn't half as fun as awesome found stuff shared with friends. You never know what I'll bring to Friday night knitting, it's a potential lottery! ;) Enjoy it all!--C

    1. Thanks, C.! We love you even when you don't give stuff away. ;)

  2. Wow, your friend is amazing! Not only is it really great fiber content, but it is undyed! Heaven!


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