Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And I am a Knitting Addict....

I've been trying really hard to be a good girl today and read, but I made the mistake of bringing yarn upstairs with me and I fear I have done more knitting than reading. I need a snack and some aspirin, but I'll get through my Greek one way or another.

Knitting distraction #1 was "Hey, I'd  really like to get the back of my sweater done. Only a few rows left!" And now I have a whole piece of my sweater done. Four more to go.

Knitting distraction #2 was casting on my swap gift for Eliza. The good news is that I love it, but the bad news is that it took me a few hours of do and re-do to get to that point. No pictures because it's a surprise, sillies!

Knitting distraction #3 is that I desperately want to start picking up the edges of my freshly steeked blanket, but I was wise enough to leave that downstairs. I need to steam it first anyway and for that much effort, I'd rather read Greek.

Please tell me you've lost your coffee table and couch beneath knitting stuff too?

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I probably won't have an FO for you Friday, but I will have a post about some gorgeous yarn I picked up earlier this week. Mmmmmmmmm.


  1. Hi! Stopping by from Ravelry WIP Wednesday. :-)
    Very pretty work!

  2. It's hot and humid here..I'd rather be reading greek than steaming anything..

  3. Congrats on the sweater back! It looks fantastic! Greek is the kind of thing you can cram for at the last minute, right?

  4. The colorwork project is looking absolutely wonderful! You really did get the most perfect colors for it, I cannot imagine any better than those. The sweater is definitely a huge, complicated project. But think about how beautiful it is going to be!

  5. Fantastic projects and I soooooooo understand the distractions!!!

    I've lost my armchair in yarn, book, supplies, magazines and binders!!!! LOLOL

  6. i'm with annie.. i'm in LOVE with your blanket! droool. and when i overcome my fear of steeking, i'll be calling on you to hold my hand :) gorgeous knits! xoxo


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