Monday, August 20, 2012


I survived my first day back at school! Yay! Now let's see how day 2 goes....

I have loads of outfits to show you. I think I'm up to outfit 13/30, but I won't swear it.

I forgot to document Thursday's, but it looked like this:

But with Aeropostale jeans, my mismatched Sketchers and a pony-tail instead of a braid. Oh, and bangs.

top: Banana Republic, jeans: Aeropostale, shoes: New Balance (finally looked at them), accessories: gifted necklace, Relic watch, Avon rings, Mom's pearl (didn't mean to put it on).

This outfit totally needs a jacket or something. I hate wearing tanks, but now I can see that I just shouldn't. It's my posture. If I could square my shoulders, I could do a tank. Yoga. Yoga helps. I just have

top: gifted, everything else: see above.

This outfit is actually from the same day as the one above. I just changed shirts. I had a nerdy night with the girls in my department, so Wonder Woman was fitting. :) It's not a great outfit, it's just one...I wear.

top: Banana Republic, sweater: handknit!, shorts: Banana Republic, shoes: Merona, accessories: Relic watch, Gap belt, Avon rings, Mom's pearl?

I was really stoked about this outfit, but I now realize that I already wore it in the same week! I just did shorts instead of jeans. :P Oh well. I like it. :) Bonus pic without the sweater (which is actually cuter, I think):

Yeah? Maybe?

top: Banana Republic, shorts: Banana Republic, shoes: Blowfish (I told you they exist!), accessories: Gap belt, Relic watch, Mom's pearl, Avon rings, beach scarf.

I was proud that I thought up this outfit without any inspiration, then Kendi posted her outfit. Maybe I inspired her telepathically? That would be cool. I fought with my collar all day. In any case, it's a pretty good look.

There! It won't be a post-fest Wednesday or Friday, promise. And there will be knitting! Now, go see Eliza's outfits. She's been doing better at posting than I.


  1. Knitting? Hooray! Yeah, I should probably do some knitting myself... Great outfits, I definitely love the last two.

  2. look at you ! all stylish! i loove the shoes on the last pic! xo


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