Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I forgot to come back with knitting Friday. I also forgot that Monday was Monday and that I usually post on Mondays and that I was going to share my weekend outfits with you. I was at the Iowa State Fair. It's kinda hard to remember it's Monday when I'm at the fair. I took pictures on John's camera so I'm not sure a) whether they are any good or b) I'll get around to getting them off it and on here, but if they are and I do, I'll share. There are some good ones of me eating a double bacon corn dog, at least. It was good.

In any case, here is what I wore Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and today. I don't go anywhere Saturdays, so I chill in my pjs all day. Maybe next time I do the 30 for 30, I'll actually pick some pjs so I have something to show you Saturdays. :) Now check out these really awful photos!

top: Banana Republic, jeans: Grane, shoes: Merona, accessories: gifted necklace from Gma's collection, Avon rings, Relic watch, Gap belt.

Sunday I hosted a Closing Ceremonies party at the shop for our Ravthletes. It was a good time with good mimosas and good company! John asked why I was so dressed up. I wonder if I hadn't worn the necklace whether he would have said the same thing? I'm rockin' a double pony straight from the 90's, too, though you can't see it very well.

Got the outfit idea from Kendi.

top: Banana Republic, shorts: Banana Republic, tank: Mossimo, shoes: New Era? New Age? New somethin', accessories: mystery belt/headband (that you can't see very well), Relic watch, Avon rings, Mom's pearl.

I have a ton of Banana and Gap clothes because I have an in. I knit with a woman who works at Banana and shares super sweet deals with us. She's an awesome personal shopper, too, so I took advantage of that once (or twice) and she pulled this top for me (and the shorts too, actually). I kind of hated it because I never wear tanks and I hate red, but it was an excellent deal and looked good on me, so I bought it. This is probably the second time I've worn it. I've decided I like it a good deal. A second outfit with it has just occurred to me, so be prepared to see it again!

This photo pushed me to think of this outfit.

top: Banana Republic, skirt: eeeerrmmm...?, shoes: Blowfish (you might think they're invisible by now), accessories: the usual suspects plus a hidden belt that came with something I mixed in the winter.

I'm not sure I pulled off this look the way I wanted to, but it works all right. The shirt isn't fitted enough, maybe. I was going to wear my Wonder Woman shirt, but I had to make a first impression on my orientees, so I thought I'd class it up a touch. :) I'll try the Wonder Woman shirt next week, I think.

top: Banana Republic, sweater: handknit! Slow Motion in my Rav projects, jeans: Aeropostale, shoes: New whatever, accessories: Gap belt, and the usual plus handknit Dexter socks. :)

I may have to go back to posting three days a week. I've started orientation for classes that begin next week (:S), so I'll be busier than I ever wanted to be again. I'll keep up with the 30 for 30, just not posting every day. In the meantime, go see what Eliza and the gang have mixed up! I"ll be back later with knitting.

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