Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Third

top: Banana Republic, jeans: Gap, shoes: Merona from Target, accessories: scarf I found on the beach, Relic watch, Mom's pearl, Avon rings.

That's right. I found that scarf on the beach in Washington in May. John thought it was super sketch of me to keep it, but it wasn't like it washed up from the ocean. I found it left on a rock by a group of people we had seen not twenty minutes before. It smelled like it had been bathed in perfume that day, so I washed it and now it's beach and perfume free and I love it. For the record, I actually picked it up in anticipation of finding its owner on our mile hike back to the car. I asked every girl I met, but no takers, so I kept it.

I took this outfit idea from Kendi. I need some jeans in a color that's not blue or grey. I also need to hem them, not roll them up. These are regular length and I try to buy short because they are only a little long for my tiny legs. :)

Go see what Eliza and the gang have mixed up! I'll get around to sharing my picks with you tomorrow.


  1. That scarf is super pretty, I love it! Also, is hemming jeans difficult with a machine? I would be afraid of breaking a needle.

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure, actually. I'll have to do it by hand since I don't have a machine, but they aren't hard or stiff like denim usually is, so I can't imagine they would, but I don't know!

  2. love it! i am heavily in favor of colored jeans! target has some great colors right now. they look awful on me. but maybe you'd have better luck?


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