Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Twentieth, Twenty-first, and Twenty-second

It's been a while! I didn't take photos of eighteen and nineteen, so that's why I didn't post Monday (or Tuesday as the case ended up). I'm going to cheat and repeat Saturday's outfit, so you'll see it. Sunday's wasn't that great. It was like the first, but with a yellow tank underneath and not buttoned-up.

top: Banana Republic, cardigan: Gap, pants: ?, shoes: Merona, accessories: the usual.

 Still need to hem the pants. :P They are really great pants. They fit perfectly, feel great...almost like a favorite pair of sweatpants. Except you can wear them to a meeting. If you haven't worn holes in the hems. :)

 dress: Cabbages and Roses, cardigan: handknit!, shoes: Blowfish, accessories: the usual plus a new headband.

It's my dress! Finally! The more telling photo of the outfit was a terrible one of me, so you can't really tell, but I had to wear a tank under the dress because I haven't shortened the straps like I need to. I haven't yet determined how to do it, but I'm going to my grandma's this weekend and she will certainly know. I should take those pants, too....

top: Banana Republic, blouse: Banana Republic, shorts: Banana Republic, shoes: Blowfish, accessories:  the usual.

You may note that I am sans bangs this week. They need to be trimmed. I have definitely learned how to hide unruly bangs. Bobby pins, elastic headbands, clippy barrettes, and random ribbon-like belts have been my new-found friends lately. This outfit won't live to see another day. The tank needs something under it. I can't tell you how many times I had to hike it up over the girls today.

There are eight outfits left and I can only think of one piece I haven't worn yet! 

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  1. Looking good! Hopefully you'll get around to hemming those pants and adjusting the straps, although if your grandmother is anything like mine you'll end up talking the whole visit!


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