Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Judging by the collective groans I participated in all last week, I will just assume that you've been busy too? I feel like the mixture of fall, daylight savings time (do we really need to keep that?), and the drawing near of the end of the term and the holidays are wearing everyone out. I'll tell you what helps: a nest of yarn. I am literally sitting in a nest of yarn on my futon. John is less happy about it, but I think there are few things in the world that would make me happier. I'll share that joy with you in due time, though.

Tonight, I'd like to introduce you to one of my new favorite knitting books, recently released by Kate Gagnon Osborn and Courtney Kelley, November Knits. I'll admit I'm a little biased because I have been knitting samples for The Fibre Company and Kelbourne Woolens for a few months now, but I honestly love these patterns. I'm a big advocate for classic and timeless, which this book contains in droves.

The book is divided into three sections: Farm Hands is full of lovely rustic designs and yarns, Ivy League contains colorful, sophisticated, classic designs, and Southern Comfort has lacy, elegant garments and accessories with sparkle and great drape. Here are a few of my favorites:

I cast these Thistle Leg Warmers by Melissa LeBarre on last night. I am so anxious to wear them! Imagine them peeking out of a worn pair of brown boots....The cables are not intricate, but they add just the right amount of interest. In fact, there are lots of little details in their design that make them very polished and special.

I'm crazy about this Bozeman Jacket by Cirilia Rose, who is pretty great at designing sweaters I love. The best detail is definitely the closures, which I am going to try my damnedest to find! Though the deep pockets are really fantastic too. The cartridge belt ribbing looks so thick, cozy, and warm but incredibly intricate up close, too, though the directions don't seem terribly challenging. You can bum around in this thing comfortably from fall to spring!

I am currently knitting a sample of the Cobblestone Trenchcoat by Veera Valimaki for Kate and Courtney. The pattern is so simple and stylish! It's great for anyone who loves miles of stockinette (or who can read and knit, like I've been doing). The hemming details are definitely my favorite. Or maybe the fabulously roomy hood....I think I need to knit one for myself!

I don't typically wear skirts, but the Barton Springs Skirt by Cecily Glowik MacDonald is so pretty and interesting that I might have to! Each lacy tier is a different pattern or texture and the slit in the back makes it functional and fashionable. It's seamless with a smart waistband. There's no reason not to knit it!

Finally, the Tallulah Shrug by Courtney Kelley is incredibly elegant and classic. It's knit in Road to China Worsted, which is divine, I tell you. Everything about this shrug is high-class and high style. I think it would be a great Christmas Mass shrug with a little holiday dress, yeah? Maybe cream?

I have nothing to lose or gain sharing this with you, I just genuinely love this book so much that I have to share! I think a lot of you have a similar knitting aesthetic to mine and, since I want to knit everything in this book, I figure you might want to as well. :) You should browse the rest of the patterns on Ravelry. It occurs to me now that this is where the "so I'm giving a copy away!" part goes, but I don't have a copy to give away...I'll look into it though. I'll show you my legwarmers tomorrow!


  1. Wait, wait, wait...a nest of Yarn? That is pretty much the most awesome thing I've ever heard of, I'm going to give that a try tonight when I am trying to hide from the imaginary, accusatory glares of my neglected piles of literature. I really love the legwarmers, they would look fantastic with a pair of brown boots. I'm excited to see which color you've picked. I may have to knit that trenchcoat someday, it is so pretty.

    1. Literally! It helped me feel better about my neglected work, so do try it. :) The trenchcoat is more fantastic every time I look at it!


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