Friday, November 9, 2012

Pleasant Surprises


Pattern: Insouciant by Julie Hoover
Yarn: Cot n' Lin
Needles: US 8
Project Page

I forgot that I hadn't showed you this yet, so...surprise! I really loved knitting this. It went much more quickly than anything else I have had on the needles in the last month and a half. The yarn is some old cotton-linen blend from a cone that I got for free from a dear friend. I was skeptical about it for a few reasons, but namely its odd texture and the yardage. The smudged sticker on the inside of the cone says either 2000 yds/16 oz or 2999 yds/16 oz. I was optimistic, but after estimating the called-for yardage, it's likely 2000. I still have quite a bit left. Maybe enough for a lacy top I've had my eye on....

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised. The texture is really interesting. I held two strands together, which resulted in a really light, airy fabric, but when I washed it in the machine, it plumped up quite a bit. My gauge is still the same (except row gauge, I suspect because I intentionally and successfully shrunk it just a bit), but the fabric is much fuller. It is exactly like a perfectly-worn sweatshirt. I love it! Oh, and don't even get me started on the perfection of the drape!

I highly recommend knitting it in pieces and seaming it so it doesn't stretch completely out of shape, though the trend has been to modify it into a seamless sweater. If I knit another (and I might), I'll knit the smallest size. I was being unnecessarily cautious about the fit on this one. I have grown to love loose-fitting tops, but this one in this size is just a bit too loose. I can totally wear it inside-out too! So clever!

I named it after this song by Richard Marx.

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  1. That is gorgeous! You look like a runway model with one of those unique pieces of clothing that you always wish you could have but will never be able to find. The texture looks so rustic and natural. It does look comfy! Go you!

    1. Thank you! It's the joy of being a knitter: getting to knit stuff you know you won't be able to find anywhere. :) It's SO comfy!

  2. it looks great! the slubby texture looks really cool. i've really been loving drapey shapes for tops recently, too. and i lurve the lacey top you're thinking of knitting!

    1. Thanks! I'm in love with the texture. I wish I knew of more yarns that could do this kind of textural work in stockinette. I'm all about drapey shapes, too. That's why I first had my eye on the lacy top!

  3. It looks like you're showing off the Colbert eyebrow raise on that last pic :)


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