Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Holy crap! It's Wednesday! I had hoped to be half-way through two papers by now! I haven't started either. :/ Fortunately, they only have to be 7-10 pages and I have the topics for both pretty well planned out, so I'll bang out this blog post and get to it!

This is Emily Dickinson with gold beads. Mmmmm. I love it. It's caused me some fits, but I think it will be beautiful! It has to be done Friday, so I hope to share it with you then.

Now to the papers (and dinner)! What are you working on? Now that I have much less on the needles, I'm thinking of new projects...but maybe I should finish a few old ones lying around....

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  1. Me too!!! Wednesday, 10pm at night too, hardly anything is done. I guess it is crunch time though. But before we know it the semester will be over! Although work for us grad students never ends (I have to continue to work in lab until the weekend before christmas). I cannot imagine two colors that look prettier together than that brown and the gold beads, lovely combination. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished!

  2. GORGEOUS!! And good luck w/ the papers :).

  3. The shawl is lovely. Good luck on getting it done in time.


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