Monday, December 31, 2012


I want to do brief homage to a really fabulous year. It has been a really stressful but extremely happy year!

Knitting in Review:
This year I finished 44 projects of the 49 I started. (I smoked my own record from last year!)

Frogged: 1
Socks: 7 (leg warmers count)
Sweaters: 10
Neckwear: 10
Blankets: 1
Stuffed Animals: 2
Mitts: 4
Hats: 3
Odds and Ends: 6

Knitting: Get rid of more of that stash, give more projects away.
Wardrobe: Dresses and skirts! Why the hell not?! And muted colors (I'm in love with mint recently).
Blog: I think we need a new header. Schedule posts (finish them first!) so school doesn't eat me for long periods of time. Maybe add another blogging day?

Eliza lured me onto Pinterest, so I've been stocking up on outfit ideas for another 30 for 30 (and my wardrobe and lazy style in general). If you're on Pinterest too, look me up!

Have a very happy and very safe New Year's, everyone! We'll see you on the other side.


  1. Happy New Year! Congrats on a successful year of 2012. 10 Sweaters and a blanket?!?! WOW, congrats!
    I just started following you on pinterest. Excited for the next 30 for 30!

    1. Happy New Year! Thank you, I followed you back. :) I'm excited too!

  2. Don't push yourself too much, you are in school after all! I'm completely blown away by the 10 sweaters you finished this year, my you are prolific!

    1. I should be done with classes after this semester, so who knows what crazy "I can knit EVERYTHING!" bug will get a hold of me in the fall. :) I'm a little surprised myself, honestly!

  3. wow! you have been a very active knitter this year!

    yay! i'm glad you're on pinterest! i'm planning on doing a 15 for 15 in a couple of weeks (january 15, to be precise!) care to join? 15 is a little gentler than 30, but still challenging!

    1. I didn't feel so active! It's weird! Thanks for the pinterest prod. :) I'll absolutely do a 15 for 15!


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