Friday, January 11, 2013

A Tunic

Geez. My title bank is drying up majorly.

I have two orders of business before I show you my finished object: 1) I've been a little slow going back and replying to your comments for the last couple weeks, but I've done it and I want to thank you (I don't do it often enough) for leaving comments in the first place! I really, really love reading them, especially when you talk about yourselves. 2) I just visited nook. and Rebecca shared that knit designer Laura Aylor is giving away a free pattern to everyone this weekend for her birthday. She has some really great ones (I snatched up Fabrege), so go get one!

You, Me, and the Moon

Pattern: Still Light Tunic by Veera Valimaki
Yarn: DROPS Alpaca in Eco Medium Grey
Needles: US 1 and 2
Project Page

I started this tunic in the summer, when it was unbearably hot. I finished it within a month, too, but I didn't like how short it was, so I set it aside until I had the time and inclination to revisit it. The time came in December. It took me ages to unpick the sewn bind-off, but the rest came easily. I increased enough stitches to get it to fit over my butt and made it tunic-length. I really like it, though it could probably still be an couple inches longer (as is probably evident in the photos!). I swear I managed to get it an inch or two longer for Christmas mass...hopefully....

I made major modifications to the stitch count under the arms, but I didn't keep them because, honestly, this pattern doesn't need any modifications. I think I would like it a touch better if I hadn't messed with it at all. I love it quite a lot regardless. The yarn is also fabulous. A lot of knitters love it and I can see why! It's buttery soft, and even frogged it was still awesome. I have two skeins left. I think I'm going to make John some socks like Lincoln's (from the movie) with it if I can find some grey nylon to carry with it.

I named it after my favorite Magnetic Fields Song.

Now I have to go sew the sleeves into Exeter so I can show you next week! It feels good to finish things, doesn't it? It feels good to start them too! What to start next....

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  1. i love it!!! it's fantastic!! i have been wanting to knit this pattern forever, and have been eying drops alpaca but have never knit with it. i so totally want to now! awesome snag on the pattern too! i still haven't gotten mine. i should do that though... xoxo

  2. Wow that looks so comfortable! Definitely bookmarking that pattern. I think the length is perfect.

  3. Wow! this looks amazing, and so comfy! Great job :D

  4. I have to say, I think that this is may be one of my favorite things that you have made. It looks amazing! It wouldn't surprise me one bit if you started a new fashion trend with it.


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