Monday, January 21, 2013


My five-year-old computer is trying very, very hard to continue to be awesome for me, but it won't charge anymore, so I have decided to replace it. :P I've been a little sad (and mad) about the whole thing, so I have been staying away from the computer a little bit (except to try diagnosing and fixing it), hence the blog silence. The good news is that a new computer is en route and everyone will be happy again soon!

Banana Republic: top; Gap: cardi, cords; Blowfish: boots; Forever 21: necklace; handmade!: shawl.

Anyway, here's Saturday's outfit! I have been in my jammies since Sunday morning, so I'm now three outfits behind everyone else, but I suspect it will work itself out. :) This one started as just the top and pants, which looked pretty boring, so I suped it up with the shawl, then the cardi (I knew it would be cold at work), and the necklace. Not bad. I hope accessorizing will save a few other lack-luster outfits I expect to come up, too.

Nothing fancy with the hair. It's a pony I didn't pull all the way through the last wrap, then I slapped a headband on. Usually the headband gives me a headache after a few hours because my head is too big for elastic headbands, but it didn't today. My stylist thinned my hair out a lot last time I had it cut, so that may have helped. High ponytails give me a headache too. Too much hair. (Thanks for the comment on bobby pins in the last post, Ivy {Pumpkin}!)

Rebecca and Eliza have been doing much better than I. Go see what they are mixing up!


  1. Oh I think this is my favorite outfit so far, it really appeals to my fashion sense at least. I hope that your new computer comes soon, that is always a lot of fun!

  2. don't worry about it, i'm behind, too! i got dressed on saturday by throwing on the closest clothes to the bed, and they weren't remix items, and i meant to change before leaving the house, but that never happened...

    yay for integrating handknits! i would wear this outfit everyday. i like your belt, too! is that the new brown belt of legend and lore?

    1. I was too lazy to do even that. :P It is the new brown belt! I forgot to note it. Target has everything, doesn't it?


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