Saturday, January 26, 2013


Blowfish: boots; Gap: cords; Banana Republic: shirt; handmade by Eliza!: hat

Winter is coming. By that I mean I've begun watching Game of Thrones with my colleagues and there's also actually a wicked storm headed this way. I might get snowed or iced in tomorrow, which would only be a bad thing because I'll still have to go to school Monday. :P Just kidding. School isn't so burdensome this semester. Yet.

This is my inventory outfit. I went to work ready to work and man did I work! I counted patterns 'til the cows came home! Not exactly the work of the lumberjack I resemble. :) The hat's cute, eh? Eliza did an amazing job! It hid my sad braid today. I am terrible at braiding my own hair! I want to teach John so he can do it for me, but he refuses. I could French braid my own hair decently in high school, but apparently that is not a skill you retain after 10 years. Practice makes perfect, though.

Don't forget that Eliza and Rebecca are mixing it up too!


  1. Oh I'm terrible at braiding too, if you ever figure out the magic secret please share it with me! I was so disappointed by the game of thrones TV show, I read the books when I was 12 (why my aunt gave them to a 12 year old I do not know) and enjoyed them so much more

    1. I've heard mixed reviews of the books vs. the show, mainly though, I understand it's nice to have the show to help keep track of all the characters in the book! I'm having a hell of a time with the names, so maybe I should get into the books.

  2. Your work was very appreciated! :) We'll have to talk about Game of Thrones....


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