Monday, April 15, 2013

Rain, Rain

I cast on a hat because it's been super rainy here and I don't really have any spring hats. This is the Sublime I posted last Monday. It really is sublime to work with! As I think I mentioned, I'm using a new stranding technique. My friend gave me the directions from a class she took. The hat she made is perfect! The stranding was perfectly even. I hope mine comes out that nicely.

I've decided Deco is the sweater I'll cast on this week after Sybil is finished (soon!). We have a conference going on at the university this week for Classicists in the region. I'm really excited. I've never been. It's so much fun to hear everyone's ideas and mingle with like-minded folk. Knitting will keep me concentrating on the papers I'll be listening to, which, in turn, I hope to jump-start my paper-writing bug. I'm struggling with the three things I have to write. I have almost-ABD*-itis bad. It's like senioritis, but not quite as bad because the dissertation looms beyond, ha.

I shall be back Friday with some super fun news! I suspect I'll be too busy Wednesday, but if I get a free moment or two....

Don't let the rain get you down. Spring is here(ish)!



  1. ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! you're making my hat, aren't you?!?!?!?! squee!

    (ahem. i'm totally excited that you chose deco, i think it will suit very well. also can't wait to see sybil!)

  2. I'll bet there are some interesting parties at the conference for classicists. It is good to know that you like the yarn, I'm thinking I'll need to give it another try. The stitch definition is lovely!

    1. Ha, I don't know! I'm sure there are too, though. :) The banquet ought to be interesting. I do like the yarn. It's really twisty and springy, which I've never seen before, so it's taking some getting used to, but the fabric is great.

  3. I dunno what's going on with the weather this year but we've had the strangest sort of 'spring' over here too. Actually I don't mind the rain and cold too much because it gives me a great excuse to stay in and knit ;) But having knitting club meetings in the park sounds fantastic too, so maybe I'm aching for summer just a little bit?


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