Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dressed for Summer!

But it feels like spring. Our weather has not been very summery, so my outfits are a bit of a mixed bag. I have honestly not put much thought into all my pieces just yet, so this could get interesting. I still have five items to pick. Here are items 4-9 in outfits 2 and 3.

top: Gap; shorts: Banana Republic; shoes: Merona

top: Banana Republic; jeans: Gap; blazer: I got it at Dillard's?; shoes: Blowfish

I put on outfit 2 long enough to get my bangs trimmed and only put on 3 to go see Star Trek. :) The blazer for 3 is one I used to wear as an undergrad over t-shirts. My greatest fashion trend, I think. I'm going to try to bring it back in a sort of renewed casual glory during the remix. We'll see if it works! I'm excited to summerize the Blowfish shoes, too. They will be super cute in tomorrow's outfit.

Today is John's birthday, so I haven't had time to knit or to photograph knitting, so no WIP Wednesday post today. Tomorrow!


  1. Oh I really like outfit 3, that does look like a versatile blazer. Although because I'm a Mighty Boosh fan, I have to say that it could be improved with an elbow patch. I definitely wasn't as fancy when I went to see Star Trek.

    1. Oooo! Elbow patches! I'll have to think about that....


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