Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Getting Warm

Outfits 7-9:

blouse: Banana Republic; jeans: Gap; shoes: eBay

I didn't actually wear these heels, but they are in the remix. We only went to Walmart, so I wore my Merona penny loafers, but these heels are cute too! I'll try to wear them this week, but I have a hard time finding the appropriate moments for heels in summer....

top: Banana Republic; shorts: Banana Republic; shoes: none!

Effortless but cute enough for a day in, eh? If I had places to go I'd accessorize more, but it's just been hot and humid days on the couch around here. There are errands to be run soon enough. :)

top: Banana Republic; shorts: Banana Republic; no shoes!

This one was definitely an "it's too hot to try anything fancy" outfit. I don't think that'll be a trend (though it is May in Iowa) because of the recent and on-going stormy weather. I'll try to spice things up for Friday's post. :)


  1. If May in Iowa is anything like May in Kansas, I totally feel for you. Honestly your not so fancy outfit looks pretty great! You definitely know how to put an outfit together, I don't get any farther than color combinations.

  2. ooh, those heels do look super cute! i'll take that heat back now, thank you!


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