Sunday, June 9, 2013

Crazy, Indeed!

Thank you so much for all of your input on my striped sweater. I think it's going to work out great. I had to rip all of my progress out, though, because I didn't figure my raglan modification quite right. :P I'm back on track now!

And! I have an  FO to show you finally! A day late again, of course. I've been picking up hours at the yarn shop. :)

Crazy Faith

Pattern: Lace Blouse by Jennie Atkinson from A Handknit Romance
Yarn: Steinbach Wolle Sissy 20 in pink
Needles: US 1
Project Page

This pattern was in one of the first Interweave magazines I received after I subscribed last year. I was meh about the front, it was the back that I really, really loved. The drape was dreamy. I intended again and again to go to Hobby Lobby to find the crochet thread, but never did. We started carrying some in the shop, but I still wasn't ready to commit to this project. I wasn't sure I liked it enough to make it. Then the crochet thread at the shop went on sale and I thought, "Why not?" I was going to do white like the sample, but went with crazy faith and did pink instead.

I named the sweater for an Alison Krauss & Union Station song I love because the music made me feel how I thought I'd feel wearing this sweater (I may have explained this better once before), but it became fitting in other ways too. I cast on the project without knowing whether I'd like it or even wear it, but I kept at it with determination. I figured I could do it in a month (and very nearly did!). I even eventually just decided that I would wear it, no matter what, and even bought a dress just to wear with it. I think all that crazy faith paid off!

I should have knit the back a bit longer in anticipation of the fronts growing even after I blocked them. The fit isn't terrible, though. The crocheted edging was the only part I modified. The buttonholes and scallops were a little too big, so I made them a tad smaller.  It took forever and a day, but it's really tidy and pretty. I
should have gotten a close-up shot! Watch Ravelry and I will.

Yes, I knit an entire sweater in crochet thread. No, it wasn't that terrible. Initially it was torture, but it's not so different from lace. Yes, it looks complicated or very intricate, but it's really not. Only 6 rows to remember and three are knit rows. :) It was kinda fun, all in all.

Haven't you ever knit something you though looked impossible or not quite "you" and ended up finding it easy or your new favorite? Tell me about it! Alternately, Alison Krauss & Union Station has been my go-to, driving around in the cool summer evening music. What have you been listening to?

P.S. I still owe you the 15th outfit, which is the dress with this little cardi. Next week. Pinkie swears.


  1. It really did turn out cute.

  2. It is so adorable and feminine! It looks fantastic on you as well, but that's a given. I cannot believe the detail on it, it must have taken some concentration. I also love that you have driving around during summer music. I've been taken with Emily Wells lately for some reason.

    1. Thank you! Not much concentration needed, really. The lace pattern was very simple and easy to see what I needed to do when I wasn't concentrating. I'll have to check out Emily Wells!

  3. it's lovely! i can't wait to see it with the dress!


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