Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Travelling Knit

Everyone needs a project to carry around. You never know when the line at the bank will be slow because there is only one teller working or an oil change will turn into an engine tune-up or maybe the bus is running a little late. Most people carry around socks or a hat or another small project, but I carry a sweater.

I haven't gone many places or had many waits when I have left the house, so it has stalled a little bit, but knitting with friends at a restaurant last night reignited my fire for this little guy all over again. It's so soft and silky that I can't wait to wear it, no matter how warm it may be the day I finish. :)

I'm still a bit unsure of the color combinations, but time will tell. The stripes are really addictive and wonderful, at the very least! The silk slubs in the yarn are really fun. I love the effect they have on the colors of the yarn. They turn a solid colored yarn heathered (and I love heathers!). You should check out the color cards of all of The Fibre Company's yarns. Those girls are color geniuses!

I hope the cool summer nights and mild thunderstorms predicted for the rest of the week will give me plenty of time to progress on this perfect summer sweater....

What project are you travelling with? What do you dream of making and wearing this summer?


  1. I like the green and gray, it's spring but sleek at the same time. My cardigan is my travel knitting as well right now, but just the sleeve, so it's not that bad.

  2. The stripes look fantastic to me. I have never used Fibre Company yarns, though they have some on sale at Webs right now. I am trying not to buy any more yarn until my summer knits are done. I'm also carrying a sweater with me that's lace. That may be a big mistake because I fear losing stitches in my bag and messing up on the pattern while I'm working in shorts snatches of time. But, that's all I feel like working on so...

  3. I actually like the color combinations, but I have no sense of style so feel free to ignore me and go with your gut. It may also be that I absolutely love stripes. I don't currently have a traveling project, because I don't really travel, my work is ~3 minutes away from home!


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