Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Tough One

Here's the update the world has been waiting for! The wedding dress.

It's going. I took a break from it last week to finish a sweater (which still isn't quite done, but almost!). We are getting on much better than we started out. :P After twists and lace mess-ups, frogs and tricky patterned decreases, we seem to be in great shape. In fact, all shaping is done for the skirt! The next trick will be trying to figure out how much it will grow in length after blocking so I know I've knit it long enough. I might just have to block it before I go any further.

It's turning out very nicely. I'm not crazy in love with it, but there is still hope. :) And a lot of knitting! I can't wait to go out and find the perfect slip for it. I can't decide which not-quite-white shade to go for. Silver? Ivory? Blush? I'll just have to see what's out there, I guess.

This thing has given me so much trouble already that it better be fabulous when it's done! Have you ever struggled and fought with a project? How did you feel about it when you were done with it? Or did you bother to finish it? :)

I hope you all (in the U.S.) have a wonderful Independence Day! Be safe, knit well!

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