Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I have a strange dissatisfaction with my current knitting projects. I think it is a mixture of my back-to-school anxiety, an anxiety about how many works-in-progress I have scattered around, and the simple fact that most of my big, active WIPs are stockinette. I need a little pattern in my life. :)

Recently my mind has gone all the way back to this gem. I call it My Office Is a Fridge because, well, it is and this guy is going to help me cope. The pattern is Sedum. I'm working off the free notes from 2010, which was only one size (thank goodness, because I wasn't smart enough to note the size on my project page!). I'm not sure what it is that makes me want to pick it back up. The seed stitch? The bulky yarn? That it only needs sleeves, bands, and a collar? The coming school year? I do always think of this cardi when I have to go into the office again. Some day it will live in there and I won't have to dress with a guess as to what the temp will be like on any given day. That's the temp in my office.

My active project is a Wispy Cardi. I have a couple of friends who've been talking about knitting it, which made me think of it, and one or two popped up in the Summer Sweater KAL, which made me want to knit it sooner and the new colors in Tern just put me over the edge, so here it is! It's going pretty quickly, but I'm starting to get elbow pain from the stockinette, so I'm trying to take it easy with the knitting. That's really hard to do!

What are you working on? Have you dug up any ghosts from the WIP pile recently? How many do you have in that pile? You'll be meeting more of mine each week until they are gone!

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  1. My "unfinished project" pile is getting ludicrously big... I may actually tackle some bits and pieces this weekend before I start anything new!!


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