Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Pattern: Wispy Cardi by Hannah Fettig from Knitbot Essentials
Yarn: Quince & Co. Tern in Syrah
Needles: US 2, 4, and 6
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This project was sort of serendipitous. I don't think I ever would have desired to knit this sweater if I hadn't knit one for Hannah herself. Nor would I have knit it when I did except that I happened to win a few skeins of the very yarn I wanted to use to make it, and in a great new colorway to boot! All that and I still couldn't find a suitable name for it. :P I've been listening to Harry Potter audiobooks instead of music.

I enjoyed the pattern and recommend it. It's a very quick knit. Don't knit it by your usual bust measurement, but by the measurement across your back, as stated in the pattern. I made a size 12/14 and wouldn't mind it a tad smaller, actually. I can't rule out knitting it again. I would try a more fitted sleeve next time, though. I'm just not sure this loose sleeve is quite my style.

To block it, I only washed it and laid it on a drying rack. I may need to pin the bottom out for maximum delicious drape. The curl is a little crinkled and I can't have that. It's the best part! The yarn is really wonderful. Quince & Co. is the bast basic wool any knitter could ask for. It's nice and round, washes beautifully, comes in gorgeous colors, and is so soft and comfortable to wear. Tern has a touch of silk, which makes the already magnificent drape just that much better. I can see knitting many more projects with this yarn.

See the hair? I've discovered the magical secret to getting it to stay up: hairpins! Not bobby pins. Those are for stray locks or securing tendrils or braids to your scalp. Hairpins are for buns. They are magical! I've been wearing my hair up a lot because of them. I only have to take it down because my hair is too heavy and gives me a headache.

I'll have another sweater for you Friday! See you soon!

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