Monday, January 6, 2014

Goodbye 2013

I was waffling about a new year's knitting review post, especially after, glancing through project photos, I realized that my autumn was quite bereft of projects. But I also found myself shocked at how many projects I had completed at the beginning of the year (and either forgot about or thought were older than a year) and I counted them....

I began 52 knitting projects in 2013! I finished 42 of them, but I'm working on the remainder.

11 sweaters (1 frogged and begun anew in a different pattern)
8 hats
2 neckwear items
6 socks/legwarmers
3 stuffed critters
5 mitts
3 shawls
5 baby things
7 misc. other things
Oh, and 1 wedding dress. :)

I don't put much stock in my own resolutions because I'm lazy and forgetful, so I was surprised to look back at last year's review and find I had stuck to a number of them and the more important ones, to boot. Resolutions I completed:

-I gave more of my projects away and have still more that
I don't intend to keep, though I haven't found owners for them yet.
-I did more dresses and skirts and more muted colors (Gap tells me they are in style now, so I'm on trend for once in my life).
-I added a blogging day.

Resolutions I intend to keep working on: updating the blog's look and scheduling posts so I don't disappear for weeks. :)

I'm hoping to get more knitting and stash-busting this year. I have to get rid of these WIPs, too. They are eating up my needles and I don't like it. :P What are your knitting resolutions? Links to blog posts are entirely welcome. :) Happy New Year, all!

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