Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Scrap Happy

I did some more cleaning (sorting, really), though I didn't intend to. I was looking for some yarn for a colorwork hat the other day, which set me digging through a bag of scraps I have. I think all of us knitters have one of these scrap collections. Mine is little balls of leftover yarn that aren't quite enough to do anything with right this second, but might be enough for details or parts of amigurumi or other small toys. It does come in handy.

I didn't find the yarn I was looking for in that bag, but I did find enough cotton or hemp yarn for some garter stitch washcloths (I've been using one that was given to me obsessively and decided I need many more) and all of these sock yarn scraps.

My friend Ann knits Franken-socks from time to time and I love them! Now that I've dug out some of my own scraps, I'll be counting the days until I have my own Franken-socks! I just don't know whether to wait until I have more scraps or plow ahead with a pair....

Do I stick to color families or pull out random, surprise scraps? Should the second sock have the same colors? Same sequence of colors? So much to think about! I'll be happy just to pull these little guys out from time to time and imagine all the fun socks I'll have some day soon. :)

Eliza is also a spectacular scrap-buster. What do you do or hope to do with your scraps? Maybe you would like to knit a pair of Franken-socks to decrease that stash in a Spring Cleaning KAL with me during April?


  1. I am making a sock yarn blanket with my scraps - or I refer to it as Fraken Blanket. It'll take forever, but it is a great use of those scraps.

    1. I love those blankets! I don't know if I have the patience to knit one. I'll have to come peek at yours from time to time. :)

  2. I managed to crochet a monkey toy recently with the scraps of brown and beige yarn left over from a Tom Baker scarf. And bf thinks keeping all that scrap yarn around is just because I'm messy . . .

  3. Sock yarn scraps are awesome. :) I collect mine to knit another pair of math socks soon ... Or randomly striped ones. ;) And ONE DAY, I'm gonna use up all of my handdyed yarn and make a mini-mania-scarf out of the scraps! ;) And maybe I can wear that on my 85th birthday. ;)

  4. i just saw a pin on pinterest where a lady was doing gradient effect socks with her leftover sock yarn, and they were beautiful! i sent you the pin. ^_^

    as for what i'm currently doing with my leftover sock yarn... i'm crocheting a baby blanket! it's kind of an experiment... i've never really crocheted before, but i think it's going well?


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