Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Warm Thoughts

I didn't mean to disappear on you last week! When I wasn't knitting like the wind, I was at school. My department is hiring and that means lunches and lectures for us grad students. I finished a few things last week, so I'll share those (and other finished things that have not yet appeared) in the coming weeks.

Goodness! Am I ever ready for spring! I just cast on a spring scarf for John. I think it will take me all of March to knit. I only hope that spring will arrive by then so he can wear it right away.

I'm pretty lazy no matter the time of year, but this extended winter makes me want to get out and do spring things. In the fall, John and I bought a neat planter for the front stoop. I've been trying to decide what to plant in it. Have you ever forced bulbs to bloom? I'm tempted to try that on some tulips and daffodils and perhaps transplant them to the planter when it warms up outside. My desire to plant things isn't helped by the fact that I lost one of my orchids to crown rot and my terrarium perished rather suddenly and mysteriously. :/ I'm in need of some green thumb mojo.

Do you have a garden or planters? What do you grow? If I wanted to grow some herbs for the bunnies this year, would they do well in pots (the herbs, not the bunnies!)? What are you itching to do in the warmer weather? If you've had a lot of warm weather (Australia's been hot!) and are tired of it, go ahead and complain a bit. ;)

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