Monday, April 7, 2014

One of Those Weekends

I had a busy weekend, how about you? It started Friday and Saturday with a conference on Health Humanities. It was really inspiring (something I need at this point in my academic career). It gave me research ideas that I desperately needed. Sweetpea got sick on Saturday and sucked up the rest of the day with worry and fretting over her. We took Sunday to relax. The new Captain America movie is great! And we managed to get our grocery shopping done early this week, too. That doesn't happen often.

That's my sweet little sickling. :) She's much better. Bunnies have to eat all the time or they can get very sick. She had some painful gas, stopped eating, and scared us, but some forced water and food plus some pain meds and she's back to her mischievous self again. Spike gets sick like this fairly often, so we know the routine. Sweetpea is a much better patient, though. She doesn't mind being fed and watered. She thinks she's a queen anyway. ;)

I recently bought a cookbook full of recipe ideas for our cast iron skillet. Last week we tried a chicken recipe and a meatloaf recipe from it that were absolutely mouth-watering! This week I've lined up four more recipes to try out. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I feel like an accomplished cook using my cast iron skillet to cook up tasty meals! But really, they aren't difficult, just different from our usual boring, repetitive meals.

Do you have a cast iron skillet? What do you cook in it? Do anything fun this weekend? No sick pets, I hope.

Join me Wednesday to share your progress on the Spring Cleaning KAL! I'm still on my legwarmers, but they are coming along nicely. I might pick up something else this week as the leg warmers wrap up. You know, just 'cause. ;) See you Wednesday!


  1. oh, poor sick bunny!

    i like my cast iron skillet! i still have some slight issues with cleaning it... everyone recommends such wildly different methods, and they are all certain theirs is the only way that works!

    i haven't seen the new captain america yet, but i plan to!

    1. I just scrub it with a brush, lightly oil it and put it away, lol. That seems to be the general consensus, but it's probable that i'm not doing it right. :)


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