Monday, April 28, 2014

Planting and Potting

The weather wants me to wait, but I can't wait anymore! Sorry for such a late post. Today I planted shade plants in a big planter for the front porch, sunflower seeds in a few pots that will go somewhere eventually if they decide to grow, a vinca vine I saved from the gutter for the back deck, and I at least thought about starting my strawberry planter. I need a hook to hang it and I'm not sure I have one...and maybe I mentioned the weather?

What better way to deal with the blustery, chilly, tornado-watchy day than spend it indoors with pretty plants? Yes, knitting is also an acceptable answer. There will be some of that too. I have a swatch to knit.

Did she say swatch?!?! Yes, yes I did. It's more like I'll knit a few inches of the pattern and check it before deciding whether to rip it out or let it sit until I'm ready to start. ;) It's a very springy color, too. It's all spring in the house today! If only outside agreed....


  1. That's a lovely fresh green. Sorry about your weather

  2. Nothing like green plants to make a living space feel more alive! (Unless they start to wilt, which was quite usually the case for me..) Love that yarn colour - can't wait to see what it becomes!


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