Monday, April 14, 2014

Questions and Answers

Jennifer of Burke House Crafts asked me these questions a couple weeks ago and I'm finally getting around to answering!

1. What is your dream project? This is a really hard question to answer because I'm such a process knitter that the project matters least of all. Any project that really tests my abilities is really exciting for me.

2. The one thing that you want to complete no matter how long it takes? I have a ridiculous afghan in the works. It's really dumb for several reasons, which I won't enumerate here. Someday I'll show it to you.

3. With whom would you want to collaborate on any sort of project? I have no idea. There are entirely too many talented people in the world to choose! Collaboration on any level sounds like it would be fun.

4. What’s the reason for your blog name? It's an inside joke between John and I. If I had a yarn shop, I would have in-house bunnies and sell his bettas (when he starts breeding them again). Our lives revolve around rabbits and fish, so the blog does too, in spirit if not always in blog content. :)

5. Why did you begin blogging? It was mostly due to the fact that I needed a distraction from school, but it has allowed me to be much more connected to the people who share a love for beautiful handcrafts. Ravelry has allowed me to "meet" a lot of wonderful crafters who keep me crafting, but blogging has allowed me to get to know them and to keep me inspired by their stories.

6. What meal can you make with no recipe, hands tied behind your back, one eye open (you get the idea)? My grandma's pot pie recipe. It's super easy, but super tasty too!

7. What world city do you feel is your true home? My true home is more of a region: the Pacific Northwest.

8. Describe a time when blogging/crafting helped you through a stressful time in your life. I dealt with a particularly hard breakup in 2009 and wouldn't have come out of it nearly as well without knitters on hand at a nearby shop (where I later became an employee) and the inspiration of Ravelry.

9. Name something that you wish you could do or something that doesn’t come easy, and admire others for being able to do so? I really admire people who can sit and read. I used to be able to do it for hours on end with no interruption, but now I lose focus, get tired, or need to knit while I do it. My focus since starting grad school has really gone downhill.

10. What are you reading right now? The complete works of Edgar Allen Poe. And scholarly books, too.

11. What movie’s lines can you recite by heart? When Harry Met Sally. :)

12. If your life were a movie/album, what would it be named? The Quiet One.

13. At what point in your life were you the most impressed with yourself & your creativity? I won runner-up in a drawing contest in college that puffed me up pretty well. It inspired me to take art classes and I was pretty impressed with my own talent for a long time. :) I wish I had the time and space to explore it again.

I feel strange when I have to tag people to answer questions too, so if you want to answer these questions on your own blog, please do! Let me know when you do so I can come read your answers. :) I'll be back Wednesday with some perhaps surprising progress in the Spring Cleaning KAL and a prize announcement. See you then!


  1. Grad school completely killed my ability to focus on reading too - it just seemed like work. But now that grad school is over I'm slowly enjoying reading again. I'm really curious about your afghan now, I have a bit of a problem in that I keep wanting to knit huge afghans that take weeks upon weeks to finish but I can't stop coming up with new ideas!

    1. It is work. :P One of my research books is so poorly written and boring that I can't read more than 20 pages a day. I need to finish it, though, before I can start the more interesting academic books!

      This afghan is really silly, haha. I did just queue another one, even though I've sworn off knitting blankets of all sorts. Once you see it in its fluffy ridiculousness, you'll understand. :) I'm sure any blanket would be more pleasant to knit after this one! That won't be until all other yarn ceases to exist, I think.


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