Friday, May 30, 2014

A Summer Top

I'm frantically knitting to finish John's sweater, so I have to keep this short!

Girl on the Wing

Pattern: Icarus by Leah Goldstein via Knitty
Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Worsted in October
Needles: US 5 and 4
Project Page

For this year's Tops, Tanks, and Tees Knit-along, I was super excited to knit this top. The yarn had been destined for something else years ago, but I found it in my stash and decided it would do for this just perfectly.

Excitement aside, not all went as planned. The chart wasn't right, the directions for the armhole shaping on the front wasn't right, and the sleeve caps aren't right, either, so I had to do quite a bit of tweaking along the way to get it to work for me. Aside from fixing those things, I shortened it by 2" and didn't do any waist-shaping. I regret shortening it, but I think I'll go back and pick out the cast-on so I can add the length. I'm not crazy about how it's curling, so a lower edging might be in order too. The sleeves are also going to go. It's going to need a new FO post when I get done with it, lol.

I left extensive notes on my project page (including charts), but, if you love this pattern, worry not! I got a message from the designer just today that she is submitting my fixes to Knitty as errata (that might just mean the chart, though). So just wait for the errata to appear and you can have a lovely version of your own. :)

I'm glad I finally got to work with this cotton. It's a beautiful color and it's so, so soft! It sheds a bit, but that's nothing for how lovely it is.

I named the top for a song by The Shins. It's been a Shins kinda summer so far. :) How has your summer been? I probably asked that on Wednesday, didn't I? I need the weekend, if you couldn't tell. :P


  1. It's been our half term holiday here, so all is well. Back to work on Monday. I think your top is gorgeous - on close inspection I can see how those points would bug you, but I honestly don't think many people would notice!

  2. I understand your misgivings, but I wouldn't notice those things. It's beautiful and you look great in it! I can't believe you created a chart for it! Lol. You are dedicated. I might have just frogged and done a Gemini instead.

  3. man, I was thinking how pretty that sweater is - but I can't be doing with that amount of errors. Looks good on you :)

  4. the shins are my favorite! seriously, if i had to pick one band to soundtrack my life, it would be the shins.

    do you have any difficulties knitting with cotton? it always strains my knuckles. is comfy worsted elastic at all?

  5. I really like it! I'm not a fan of curling edges either, but I think the overal of the top really suits you!

  6. the top looks adorable - there's no way I'm be able to handle that many errors and adjustments though :) soo impressed!


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