Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Swift

I am the humble Swift. I'm supposed to be happily twirling, decked in gorgeous yarns. With all the knitting Ness does, you would think I'd be spinning all the time, dancing with my buddy the ball winder. Do you know how many times I've been put to work this year? Once! Now I'm an unemployed swift.

Not entirely unemployed, I guess. I've become keeper of the sock yarn remnants. But is that what I was built for? No!

Hi, Swift. I hope you don't feel too offended that you're a bit dusty. There are a few reasons and I hope you'll understand. Do you remember that gorgeous stack of blue-green Shibui we wound? It was beautiful! You have always done such a great job for me. You've done a lot of work and I just want to give you a rest. I'm knitting from cones and frogged yarn and sometimes it's just soothing to sit on the couch, watch some tv, and wind a skein from my knees. If I had a surface you could clamp to nearer the couch, you bet I'd use you! But I thought you could use a break. Enjoy a vacation for a while. I've got plenty of work for you to do later.

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