Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sleeves, Sleeves, and More Sleeves

School is starting, which means all sorts of craziness for me. No time to acclimate to being back home after my trip Home, a dissertation prospectus that's due (again), an office move (and nowhere near enough space for my books), class planning (that I haven't had time to start yet), and of course five bunnies! They are the least of the crazy, though. After some amazing climbing, water bottle rejection, litter box amnesia, and food weirdness (and that's just Teddy! :D), I think everybun is settled and happy. As happy as a bunny can be (tolerant is a better word).

Still knitting. I promise. Though you wouldn't know it from visiting here, eh? I'm stuck in a sleeve rut. Three sweaters, all in the sleeve phase. I'm down from six to four and a half, though, so there's progress. Would you like to meet the sleeves? Let's!

Here's the half, which is a bit tighter than is necessary, even though I knit it a size larger than the rest of the sweater. Couldn't get my hand through the cuff of my size. :S

And the whole sleeve, which is actually a 3/4 sleeve. I knit the thing inside-out sort of accidentally and had zero laddering, which has never happened when I magic looped a sleeve (or two at a time). I think I'm going to just do that every time. By knitting it inside-out, I mean I had the wrong side (the knit side for this cardigan) facing me and worked the right side (the purl side) on the inside of the sleeve. I had intended to knit the whole sleeve because I hate to purl, but I couldn't get it to work and still pick up stitches prettily in the underarm. That didn't make any sense, did it? Please refer to paragraph one of this post and forgive me.

I haven't started the other sweater's sleeves. Let me rephrase that: I haven't restarted the other sweater's sleeves yet. They were all but done and I tried on the sweater and ripped them out, ripped out the band, ripped out the shoulder seams, and added short-rows to the shoulders. I've done this before to add an inch to the back. I'm hoping I don't have to do it again. It's pretty and I love it and the sleeves will be better this time (if the back is finally behaving), so I'm not bummed yet, but I'm not convinced that the whole thing won't end in frustration.

Once I'm finished with these three sweaters, I'm going to pick up one I partially frogged this time last year. Guess what it needs?! SLEEVES!!! Please help me make sleeve bearable! What do you like to do when you knit sleeves? Movies? Audiobooks? Daydreaming? Wearing the first finished sleeve? ;)

I'm going to cast on a million socks when the SSKAL is over, lol. Too many sleeves!


  1. You are a sweater super-knitter! You always have several, intricate sweaters that you are working on at any given time. I like the pattern on the teal one the best! Good luck with the new school year, especially with the "thesising" (as one of my friends calls it).

    1. Thanks! Having so many sweaters going is getting me into trouble. They keep piling up and not getting finished! :)

  2. I'm impressed with the number of sweaters you're doing during this SSKAL - I'm almost at the sleeve bit of my knit too! I'm thinking of binge watching netflix while I knit them, even better if I can find a new show to get hooked on

    1. My plans always far exceed what I actually get done, so we'll see what happens. I might finish one of them. :) That sounds like a great idea! I need to do a Harry Potter marathon....


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