Friday, June 17, 2011

What's in a Button?

Last Friday, I had every intention of sharing this finished object with you, but I could not find the perfect button to truly finish it. This week, I still don't have a button, but I will share anyway.

Prairie Grass

Pattern: Turmeric by Veera Välimäki
Yarn: madelinetosh tosh sock from Eat.Sleep.Knit
Needles: US 2 & 6
Project Page

I started this project the Friday before we left for our road trip and finished it the Thursday after we got home. I thought I'd get a lot of knitting done after days in the car, but when I wasn't driving, I was reading the history of Rome to John, otherwise entertaining him (very poorly), or mesmerized by the stunning spring scenery (such as that in the typically flat and boring Nebraska after which I named the project).

I really loved everything about this project except the one thing I had never done before (and far too late realized I was doing in the wrong place!): alternating skeins. For those who don't know, with any hand-painted/-dyed yarn, it is recommended that you alternate between two skeins every few rows so that any color difference is hidden. Googling "alternating skeins" brings up lots of helpful tips and tutorials. One of my two skeins had a darker green in it, so I'm glad I alternated, however, I alternated down the center back and now I have a seam. :/ I have yet to figure how I could have maneuvered it beneath an arm where it would be less noticeable...oh well. I'll probably submit it to the state fair anyway. :)

I have one more stop to find a button. I never know what button I want for any project. I simply take the finished project into a craft store and go through all the buttons until I find the perfect one. I found a few close ones, but not the perfect one. Surprisingly, finding a matching-colored button has not been a problem, but finding a big one that lends to the character I want this top to convey has been. I'll update you when I find the one!

Click to the project page link for a picture of some super cute prairie dog babies we watched for way too long in Wyoming! :) And click here to see more posts from fellow knitters on their finished objects!


  1. It is GORGEOUS, Ness. I love love love the vibrant color and the way it fits on you. I think you should definitely enter it into the state fair! Make sure to share it again when you find the perfect button! Thanks for participating in FO Friday!

  2. I hope you checked out Colleen's collection.

  3. Thanks, Tami! I will!

    Haha, not yet, Amanda. I guess I have two more button stops to make. :)

  4. I know what you mean about alternating skeins - arg!! It came out just beautiful though - I love the bright color!

  5. The sweater is beautiful -- excellent color & drape. Good luck finding the perfect button!

  6. Oh, it's beautiful!!! I LOVE the color!
    I know how it is trying to find the perfect embellishment for a project -- I had that problem with the bag I finished this week and I got SO lucky I was able to find it relatively painlessly.

    I laughed at your Nebraska remarks -- I went there for the first (and likely last) time in February. In my case, my complaint was: "It's not NEARLY as flat as advertised!"

  7. Wowie zowie--that's amazing! What a gorgeous FO, and especially with that yarn. Great job.

  8. I love this finished object! I especially like the color of the yarn. Beatiful!

  9. Oh that colour is lush! I want to roll around in a tub full of the stuff!

    Looks wonderful

  10. Oh I like this! It might be my first knitted garment...


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