Friday, November 18, 2011

We Love Dexter!

And so, naturally, when I discovered a post about Dexter-inspired yarn, I HAD to have it! Here is what it turned in to (modeled from the Halo chair while playing Halo, so sorry for the sub-par pictures):

Dark Passenger Socks
(a.k.a. Halo Socks)

Pattern: Garter Toes by Karen Harper
Yarn: Propaganda Yarns Nadya in "Dark Passenger"
Needles: US 1
Project Page

I complain that I don't like to knit socks for John because he has big feet. Really, I kind of love it a lot! He's not picky about what goes on his feet, so I have nearly free-reign with color and design. But let me get to the good part! I read a post in the Ravelry Dexter Forum about this Dexter-inspired colorway, saw it and the stitch markers (duct tape roll, plastic wrap roll, blood spatter tile), and ordered it without a second thought! When it came in the mail and I saw it in person, I knew: socks for John. I had queued the pattern weeks before and knew it would be perfect for the colorway. I was right! She sells a blood orange colorway that's pretty awesome, too.

This was my first ever attempt at two-at-a-time, toe-up, magic-loop socks. It was wildly successful! I love toe-up socks. They are so customizable! I don't think I had any trouble at all, despite all the questions I was asking my super-knowledgeable and sock-class-teaching friend Ann. She knew I wouldn't have any trouble, but I didn't have any trouble because I asked her so many questions!

The only modifications I made to the pattern were to up the stitch count for his larger foot. You can see all my mods on the project page. He'll be getting a few more pairs out of this pattern, I suspect. He really likes them. But he says that about everything I knit. :P I told him he can't have this pair until we start watching Season 5 of Dexter. He's thinking about it. :)

Now back to Christmas knitting! What are you making for Christmas?

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  1. Vanessa! Those are amazing! DEXTER! This made my day!


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