Sunday, February 5, 2012

30 Picks

I'm going to do the 30 for 30 with ifandany starting tomorrow, so I better share what I picked out! I'm not very confident that these things can be combined in 30 different ways, but I will certainly try!

7 pairs of pants:  black and brown cords, 3 pairs of blue jeans (medium blue, dark blue, and really dark blue), grey jeans (which I may swap out), and grey slacks.

5 "fancy" tops, we'll say: an off-white one with an open back and drapey sleeves and neck, a silk purple cowl-neck tee, a linen-like lace tie-back blouse with cap sleeves, a silky green lace-bibbed tank, and a drapey purple tee. The one on top has a mysterious stain on the bottom front and back, but it's my favorite! :( I don't think it's too noticable. I'm trying to move away from my usual jeans and tee style and into my more formal stuff, hence the fanciness of this line-up. I'm hoping I can figure out how to dress my fancy stuff down just a little bit to get the look I've been trying to achieve for about 6 months now. All my colorful stuff is either packed away as spring-wear or too casual, it looks like! :)

5 "casual" tops: A dark grey, light grey, and white tees, a brown 3/4 sleeve shirt that I love because it has baggy sleeves like the stained one up above, and a purpley-pink sweater.

6 layering pieces (mostly cardigans because I'm a cardigan addict, I've discovered): at the top is a cute little brown short-sleeved jacket that I'm pretty sure I bought as a pre-packaged ensemble with the lace tie-back blouse up above, a grey swingy cardi, a silky brownish crinkled blouse that I need to learn to love or learn to leave, an off-white cardi, a grey cardi, and a dark grey cardi. I sense a color-saturation theme here...hmmm. I'm not in love with having both the light grey and white cardis in the 30 for 30, so I might swap one out, but then again, each is different enough to create different characters for whatever outfit I'm wearing. The grey one is lacy and the white one is winter-thick, but nicely feminine. Also, the brown jacket has a belt. I cannot find that belt to save my life. I may need to improvise....

A black skirt because I love it and can never figure out what to wear it with and an old jersey dress that's really too short to wear as a dress, but I love it just the same (over jeans). I need to get some white leggings to ward off the winter. Don't let me forget!

And of course shoes! I have three pairs of heels: new nude pumps, older chocolate pumps, even older black pumps that are on their last leg. I'm hoping to be able to replace them soon with some shoes I ordered from Shoe Carnival...two weeks ago....I never wear heels, but I want to. I'll carry flats for travelling up and down the hill between my classes, but I think I can do the heels. I really do! Wish me luck!

My trusty new Blowfish boots.

And, last but not least, a pair of sneakers. I can't decide whether to choose the argyle or the plaid! I'm leaning towards the argyle. They have such character. :)

7 pants + 5 fancy tops + 5 casual tops + 6 layering pieces + 1 skirt + 1 dress + 3 heels +1 pair boots + 1 pair sneakers = 30!

Note: there are no hand knits! D: I know! Honestly, those are the easiest pieces of my wardrobe to wear. It's the hard stuff I have to force myself to wrestle with this month. You'll see some knit accessories, I promise. :) And of course, Fridays when I have a sweater to show off, I'll find a way to work it into a mixture of the 30 pieces you see here. This is going to be fun! I'm amped! See you tomorrow!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing how these all combine. I love the argyle sneakers!

  2. oh, hooray! i'm so pleased you're dong this! i super need to find some nude pumps. i vote for the plaid sneakers as they look a little more flexible to me. those blowfish are excellent, and i'm sure you'll find 30 outfits in there!

  3. Payless! By Christian Siriano, no less (my favorite Project Runway alum!)! The plaid ones are actually pretty stiff, but they might just need to be broken in....


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