Friday, March 2, 2012

Twenty-three and -four of Thirty

I've been lacking in the consistency department this week! Sorry about that! Spring Break is about a week away, so that means midterm business has been keeping us busy. I have been sticking to the 30 for 30 stuff, though, just not posting very well. :)

Top: Gap and Banana Republic
Cardi: N/A and Gap
Pants: Banana Republic and Aeropostale
Shoes: ? and Blowfish
Belt: Came with the tan jacket I've been mixing and came with a black dress I haven't been mixing

These were my "I'm out of ideas, let's try something new" outfits. 23 made me feel like the female lead in Indiana Jones, which I liked rather a lot. The pants don't have belt loops, so I had to adjust the belt fairly often, but aside from that, it was a great outfit. 24 I attribute to Eliza for two reasons: 1) I think she shared an inspiration pic of someone wearing this sort of cardi belted over a dress in this way and 2) she loves to wear a belt at her natural waistline. I have to say, both outfits compliment my figure much better than I ever thought they would. I have such narrow hips that my thighs look wide and all the low-slung pants I wear make them look even wider. I feel like raising the belt and pant-line make me look miniature, not short and squat. Mental note made!

John and I went shopping the other day and I got a couple new shirts based on what I've learned so far. I was looking for buttoned blouses in particular and didn't find any, but I know to keep looking, so that's exciting! Now I see I need to think about jeans and pants too, perhaps. We have loads more coupons to use this and next month, so I can't wait!

No FO Friday today, but if you want to see others', head over to Tami's Amis. I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. awesome! these are both 'i'm out of ideas' outfits? they look excellent and pulled together!

    good luck shopping!

    1. Thanks! Maybe "out of ideas" was not the right phrase: "no longer over-thinking and just doing" might be more accurate. :)

  2. Hey Nessa! Didn't realize you were doing 30 for 30. very cool!


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