Friday, April 6, 2012



Pattern: Bridgewater by Jared Flood
Yarn: Alpaca With a Twist Fino in Plum Wine
Needles: US 5
Project Page

I am so in love with this shawl! It's giant and alpaca, so I thought it might be too warm for our unseasonably warm spring, but it has been absolutely perfect for the ever-so-slight chill we've had yesterday and today. I hope I don't wear it out this year!

The pattern was simple (as all of Jared's are!) and not too thought-consuming, but quite time-consuming. The edging was the worst. It took me 47 repeats to figure memorize the 8-row repeat, but after that, I had it down, could read my mistakes, and zoomed through it pretty quickly. I had to read the corner instructions a few times in order to figure them out, but they turned out fine in the end.

The yarn is great. I think I had hyped it up in my mind a little bit. I expected it to be softer after a wash, but I have nothing to complain about. :) It's actually only the garter stitch section that's ever so slightly rough. Emphasis on ever so slightly. This thing is a cloudy dream! I have enough for another small shawl and I have Rock Island queued up for knitting soon (also in Fino). I'm turning into a shawl addict, but with Fino, who wouldn't!

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  1. How lovely! I bet it's just the coziest thing ever. I love the color, too. Rock Island is in my "someday" queue, and it's really the border that puts me off from it.

    1. It really is super cozy! Thank you! I've heard the border is a little rough but manageable with lots of stitch markers. :)

  2. I am working on this pattern, started a little over a week ago. I am still working the center pane with around 150 stitches on the needle. Thanks for sharing your experience with this pattern. It came out beautiful!


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