Friday, August 10, 2012

The Picks

Finally! Here are my 29 picks for the 30 for 30. I have no idea what to pick for the 30th....

From top left clockwise to the center, I've got two pair of tennis shoes, one pair of heels, five tees (the coral one is in the laundry and I'm wearing the fifth), one knit tank (not knit by me), a black dress, the coral dress (needs its shoulders shortened a touch), two pair shorts, four blouses, two pair flats, four pair jeans (I'm wearing one), two pair slacks (one is in a "hem me" pile), a circle dress linen skirt, and two hand-knit sweaters (yes, in August).

I may swap the striped sweater out, I have a look in mind and that was the only sweater that came to mind that would work, but if I finish Exeter in time, I'll use it instead, I think. I could steal one of John's too....I'll decide the 30th item when I hate everything I've got. :)

Here's my fourth outfit:

top: Arizona, gifted, jeans: Aeropostale, shoes: Blowfish (forgot to put them back on!), accessories: Avon rings, Relic watch, Mom's pearl.

I'm going to cheat a little by claiming camis as accessories. I have a ton of them and for as badly as I thought I needed them all, I never wear them. With this shirt in the mix, I am going to go through them all and see what I've got, what I like, and which ones I really need. This one is dark blue. I just grabbed it, not much thought. I didn't see much of the world today. :) I think it's American Eagle, but I'm not sure. I am sure I got it as a gift.

I'll be back with something knitted that is finished. Whether it will be Rams and Ewes, though, I cannot promise. I'll try! In the meantime, go see what Eliza's wearing today!


  1. What a clever idea to pick several pieces of clothing that need to be altered in some way, that might be a good way to get it done. I like these picks even better than the last group!

    1. I hope I don't just forget to alter them and leave them out altogether. :S Thanks! I like this group better too. Much more realistic. :)

  2. i'm surprised that your new dress isn't in the mix!

    i don't count camis, either, as i sometimes require them for modesty...

    i've really been liking your outfits this remix! keep it up! whooo!


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