Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Here is what I looked like most of the day. It snowed all day. Despite my prayers, I didn't get a snow day. :P Going out in the cold is one thing. Going out in the blowing snow and cold is entirely another. Going out into the city that knows no plows is another thing all together. I really hate this city's snow management. Now everything is packed down and turned to solid ice. Who does that benefit? They need to talk to the girl from Idaho. I'd solve all their problems.

I won't rant anymore. Here is today's warm outfit underneath the coat and winter wear. My sweater kept me toasty warm. My pants did not. I should have put my leggings on underneath but I didn't think about it until just this second. Next time. Heels would have been cute with this outfit! Too bad there was so much snow. :P Cross your fingers for a snow day tomorrow! I don't even know if it's supposed to snow....

 Eliza and I are still working through our 15, but go visit Rebecca's blog for fun. :)


  1. If it has to be so miserable outside, the very least the weather could do is give you enough snow for a cosy day off filled with knitting and hot drinks. Ah I love that sweater, I still cannot believe how beautiful it turned out!

    1. Agreed. School has barely begun, so I shouldn't probably wish for snow days already. :P Thank you! I love it more than I can say. :)


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