Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's Like Time Travel

I have struggled immensely with keeping track of what day it is all week. The last 7(!) weeks have gone crazy, crazy fast, so when this one decided to go at about normal speed, I got all mixed up and a day ahead. :P You would think that realizing I have an extra day to do stuff would make me relax a bit, but I have way too much too do! How the hell is it midterm already?!

Now that I'm done complaining (for now ;]), here's the one and only project that is currently being warmed by my hands (besides a secret one) in the chilly weather. I've been slowly working on these socks since December, I think. I need the needles to start some new socks, so I'm determined to get this one sock done pronto. The other can wait a bit longer. :) I'm pretty close, but I suspect I'll get impatient and shove it onto scrap yarn or choose to Magic Loop instead and dump these in the "revisit" pile.

If I make it to Friday, I plan on casting on all sorts of goodies, so I'll have more to report next Wednesday! I'll try not to lose Friday and deprive you of an FO. I'm very nearly done with a super cool one that I can't wait to share!

How are you doing this week? Awesome, I hope? Does knitting help? I feel like a new project might help me, but I have too many WIPs and tests and papers to grade to justify it right now. My prayers for snow days keep passing unheard. How's your luck?

EDIT: Look! I'm so frazzled, I forgot to point you to other WIP Wednesday posts at Tami's Amis! I think I need some cookies.


  1. Graduate school does in fact equal no life, it's been proven time and time again. I'm sure you will make it through until tomorrow, you've got a secret weapon after all (the socks!). I'm very glad to hear that you have still been knitting away despite the business. I've had so little time for knitting it is making me stressed (because it really helps with the stress as you know). We'll make it!

  2. I love the colors on your sock. I understand how school can make getting things done impossible. Between crazy frequent migraines and a full-time language training class the only reason I have anything to show is that I crochet during class when possible.


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