Monday, June 3, 2013

The Magic of Summer

The indent on the couch got deeper and deeper as last week went on. I finished the pink, lacy sweater Saturday afternoon except for the buttons, which have still not been attached, but will be by this Friday! I've been engrossed in a couple other big knits, which I'll share Wednesday. But today: Remix. Outfits 10-14.

top: Banana Republic; jeans: Gap; shoes: Merona; shawl: handknit!

top: Banana Republic; cardi: Banana Republic; jeans: Gap; shoes: Merona

top: Gap; shorts: Banana Republic; shoes: Blowfish; scarf: found; bag: Walmart

top: ?; cardi: Banana Republic; jeans: Gap; shoes: Blowfish

Still nothing terribly exciting. It got very cold after I complained about the heat, so there's that lesson learned. :) No, neither one of us is mathematically challenged. I didn't get a picture of outfit 13. It was cute though! There's still one item I haven't mixed in yet. I guess I'll have to do it for tomorrow! 15 snuck up on me a little bit!

I'll write a post about the flood picture. John and I went on a documentary adventure on Saturday and took a lot of photos. I hope you all had a great weekend and will have a great week! I'll be back. :)


  1. cute! comfy! i especially like 10 & 14. you are blowing through the remix! (i wore a few outfits that didn't get documented on the day of wearing, oops!)

    1. I was so worried I'd be way behind, but I think I finished before at least a couple of you, lol. I should have taken my time to think about it a bit more, I suppose.


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